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Discussion in 'Hobby Talk' started by Jmattt33, May 28, 2013.

  1. I bought another box of upper deck star rookies. Supposed to be 3 autos per box I only received one. The letterman. Anyone ever had this happen to them?
  2. franklinguy52

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    Yes I have, it was a Topps product. Usually, if you let the company know about and send them the UPC off of the box they willtry to make it right for you.
  3. They asked for the UPC which I have. They also want the receipt but my LCS never gives receipts for trading card purchase. Because if you bring it back it's gotta be unopened and hell just trade it in or pay you out lol. Kinda ghetto but no receipt. So they may not do anything.
  4. franklinguy52

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    I am sure that the LCS will give you a reciept if you go back and ask, but I am sure that Upper Deck will take care of you either way, they do not want to upset the collectors.
  5. I sure hope so lol. Told em I didn't want anything but to let em know. Also told em it'll be my last box of upper deck till next year. But I also threw in the fact it's been impossible to pull my 3 favorite players. Geno smith. Tavon Austin and stedman bailey lol. So hopefully if they take care of me that's how they do it. In the base set the two tavon cards are sps and I have the high number variation. Geno has a low number and his high number is impossible. Same with stedman. He has two base cards one is a sp and the ssp photo variation. I expressed the difficulty pulling my team out of 6 boxes which is understandable but damn. All the sudden the wvu mountaineers are so popular their cards fall 1:6288 packs haha. But now I'm just on a rant. So I'll end it there. Unlikely they will send me 3 of the highest valued cards they have in their set. But thanks for the feedback. I'll check with my guy tomorrow about a receipt
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    I agree with Troy. I think they'd try to make it right with you somehow, receipt or not. It probably won't be the way you'd like, but I think they'd do something. It's pretty unacceptable to be shorted 2 autos in a 3 auto box.
  7. Yeah. I checked 3 times. Letterman only no base auto. I'm not asking for em to make it right I was just informing them there ratio was off. And I've heard of it happening to a couple other people. I'll keep y'all posted on what they do.