Pronger suspended again.......

BULLS*IT!!!!! That had to be one of the worst called games in the playoffs this year. Another Duck got hit up high in the head but nothing was called. Alfredsson is allowed to kick the damn puck in the net to score....I didn't know they used prison rules in Ottawa.
Neil was the bitch that went up high on one of the Ducks. They just showed it again. He takes five or six good strides and lays the guy out from behind. He doesn't get a suspension for that garbage though. I hope someone knocks the rest of his teeth out tonight.
I saw the hit, didn't think it was that bad... they always bump you as you go buy, his head just happened to be down somewhat
If the guy kept his head up he would have been alright. I think Pronger got busted because old boy wasn't looking so when he went down his head bounced off the ice and he hurt himself. But for Pronger to get busted and not Neil is complete BS and Neil just dived to draw a penalty a few minutes ago.:mad: