Pretty Spectacular Mail including #1/1 NT **Holmes**


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First, at one point I had 12 of these Leaf Limited Hardwear cards, I was trying to get all #/25. I did give up on it, but I had all parts of the logo exept that which contained any letters from the logo. I have part of the 8 and 6 from the helmet, red/yellow/blue diamond, outer parts of the logo, and now......................

I have given up on all #/25, and even let some go via the bay, but this kind of completes a little bit of my own personal "mini set" of Hines Ward Hardwear!


to add to my Holmes #1/1 National Treasures..........

Thanks for looking...........


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Yeah, I know the guy, he is selling most of his Holmes stuff right now, but Im not interested in plates, but thanks for looking out....


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Your Holmes collection is definately one of the best rookie collections out there, great job snaring a beautiful card:salut:

The Ward is sweet too:cool:


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ILL agree that you have assembled one of the best rc collections, of logos, patches, 1/1s etc. that ive ever seen. have you got the spx 1/1 yet?


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Great pickup on the 1/1 patch!! That's a great looking card!! I'm still waiting for the Hester like that to come around.