Basketball Possible loaded break

So I was thinking of doing a group break of some boxes that would total to be 16 hits in the 3 boxes. The boxes would be 12-13 Panini Crusade(6 hits), 12-13 Totally Certified (6 hits), and 12-13 Past and Present Basketball (4 hits). Cost would be $30 a team. Discounted would be $20. If I can get enough people to sign up this will definitely happen so sign up people!

1. Spurs-Mike
2. Pelicans/Hornets-franklinguy52
3. Suns-scottyb13
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It'll be tough to fill a basketball break, but definitely put me down for the Spurs just in case. ;)
I will take the suns. I really hope this gets filled up quickly because this would be a fun break.