Onyxdragon5977's rolling mail thread


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Got a BIIIG package today from a large purchase and trade!

here are the "little fish" that he included for nothing...

2007 Steven Jackson Topps Finest Moments Xfractor #d 18/25

2013 Steven Jackson Panini Elite Status Red #d 25/25

2009 Steven Jackson Upper Deck Heroes Purple #d 06/10

2010 Steven Jackson Score End Zone #d 2/6

Then, the good stuff happened!

2005 Steven Jackson Donruss Classics Significant Signatures #d 18/50

2011 Steven Jackson Panini Certified Hometown Heroes Auto #d 10/10

2008 Steven Jackson Topps Letterman Booklet Refractor Auto #d 06/10

2009 Steven Jackson Certified Materials Mirror Emerald Materials #d 2/5

2009 Steven Jackson Panini Rookies & Stars Longevity Auto #d 4/5

2007 Steven Jackson Topps Performance Auto

2012 Steven Jackson Panini Certified Mirror Black #d 1/1

2013 Steven Jackson Panini Certified Mirror Black #d 1/1

2014 Steven Jackson Score Magenta Plate #d 1/1

2013 Steven Jackson Topps Finest Yellow Plate #d 1/1

2007 Steven Jackson Leaf Certified Materials Magenta Auto Plate #d 1/1

And, the biggie!

2004 Steven Jackson Playoff Absolute Spectrum Platinum #d 1/1!

Thanks fellas!


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Nice adds man! Must be nice when a PC add numbered /6 makes it into the "little fish" category. I may never get there with any of my collections. 😔


Massive Jackson Stalker
Thank you @Mike ! I have a couple of those End Zone parallels, and don’t get me wrong, I LOVE getting low numbered stuff, but my main focus for the past year has been autos, 1/1’s and rainbows. You’ll get there. It took me 13+ years to get there...