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  1. Hi! I'm a great NBA fan, Dallas Mavericks in particular.

    I plan to build a trading card business and I hope it begins here. But not just that. I also collect Dirk Nowitzki cards so if you have something to offer, just PM me.

    I am from Philippines and would like to ask if the marketplace is open internationally?
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  2. Mike

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    Welcome to the site, mavsfan. Being from Texas I'm a bit partial to the Mavs myself, but I do root for my Spurs first. What kind of business are you trying to start? You talking about a trading card store?

    Yes, it's open to everyone.
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    Mavsfan Welcome to The Zone.
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    Welcome @mavsfan great to have you here!
  5. Any of you mavs fans have any Josh Howard autos? Graduated high school with him
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    Welcome to TCZ!
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    Hello! And welcome to the future of trading card forums!!

    Nice to have more peeps from outside the US :D