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Discussion in 'Hobby Talk' started by XianSPL, Aug 23, 2012.

  1. Hey guys, just wanted to drop a note that I finally started recording some things for YouTube. If you use YT a lot, I'd appreciate a subscribe. Only video on there now is for a mail day I got today but I think I'm going to do another one of just past mail days and some cards I own.

    Anyway, link is under my avatar. Enjoy!
  2. franklinguy52

    franklinguy52Mr. Baseball Staff Member

    Sweet items buddy!
  3. Mike

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    Cool. I'll subscribe to you as soon as I get home, assuming I remember.
  4. Cool_Hand_Flash

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  5. Sweet! Thanks!

    A couple more videos added just a few minutes ago and another one to put up in a bit.

    I REALLY need a camera. Using my cell phone isn't working out well.