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  1. What's up everyone, this is my very first post. Just introducing myself to you all. Looking forward to spending more time in here. I collect mostly Red Sox,Patriots,Wrestling and Non-Sports Cards. I use to collect everything but recently just narrowed my collection down, I'm sure you guys know this hobby can get expensive and out of control!! With family and work and all i can't watch every sporting event anymore.
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  2. Welcome to TCZ! This hobby can definitely drain your wallet if you let it. Hard to find a balance sometimes. But I'm glad you're here. You've found a great message board for the hobby full of pretty awesome people!
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    Welcome to TCZ! Let me know what you are looking for, I deal mostly in baseball but have some of everything.
  4. Welcome aboard!
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    Welcome to TCZ!
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    Hello! And welcome to the future of trading card forums! :D

    Wrestling eh? And your faves are?.. curious now :P
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    Welcome to TCZ! Glad to see you join.
  8. Thanks for the welcome!, Im collecting Red Sox Cards, pretty much everything (numbered,autos,relics,rcs) but base cards.
  9. Thanks for the welcome everyone!