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  1. Love collecting and showing off my collection. Doing alot of selling now but cant pass up purchasing a beautiful card
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    Welcome to the site... well I will let @Cool_Hand_Flash finish that statement, but welcome anyways!
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    Welcome to the Zone.
  4. MWS

    MWSI like Cards...

    Welcome to the site.
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    Welcome aboard, Will.
  6. Thanks, looking forward to seeing everyone's cards and showing mine
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    Make sure you check out last months COTM here , it was the toughest competition yet and many of the cards came from the box breaks here on TCZ. There is still a couple of days left to vote for your favorite.
  8. Yeah I voted for the Eli card, earlier
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    Welcome,your gonna love it here,
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    Welcome to TCZ!
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  11. I submitted the Profar/Machado card for October
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    What? ... this?

    Welcome to the trading card forum of the future!! :P
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