mystery lot...


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ok, anyone need some Mike Gillislee? holy balls...hopefully he is still selling, might try moving as a lot...

anyway, here are a few of the interesting things

46 Mike Gillislee 'base' cards, including Topps Black /58, some Elite /66...some interesting stuff

34 Mike Gillislee jersey/patch cards, including some National Treasures, some dolphins logo stuff

58 Mike Gillislee autos/patch autos, including National Treasures, Contenders, and lots of logo/nameplate stuff...

ill scan some of it tomorrow, its fairly mindblowing the patches on some of this stuff...

tons of Sexy Rexy Grossman stuff...

then from the mixed...

Marcus Robinson Crown Auto 01/10
Loucheiz Purifoy UD 09/10
Carlos Alvarez UD 07/10
Trey Burton UD 02/10
Loucheiz Purifoy UD 04/10
Loucheiz Purifoy UD 01/10
Chad Jackson Contenders Plate 1/1
Louceiz Purifoy Topps Chrome Plate 1/1
Marcus Robinson Prizm Auto 60/60
Percy Harvin Topps Chrome Pink 012/399 (JSY #)
Chad Jackson LRS jersey 08/10
Louceiz Purifoy Press Pass Auto 10/10
Marcus Robinson Leaf Limited Auto 02/10
Chad Jackson Topps Total Press Plate 1/1
Tim Tebow Black Friday Jersey "Tebowing"
Chad Jackson Donruss Jersey/Auto NFL LOGO 38/50
Andre Caldwell Topps Letterman Auto 10/15
David Nelson National Treasures 06/10, 03/10, 16/25, 02/25, 26/99, 81/99
Rex Grossman National Treasures 05/10
Percy Harvin UD Heroes 03/10

tons of other stuff....took about a half hour to make an initial pass and an hour to do some basic sorting....


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that's a start, some of the mixed rares and Gillislees...those are all currently listed on eBay


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very nice...less than 24 hours up on a 'big' listing from this lot and sold 41 about 20% recovery...hopefully this continues as ill be listing more tomorrow evening, I just have to make the listings first...


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so uhh, someone signed with the Patriots...

insert me doing the happy dance...I had already sold most of the Platinum, but that was about it...just got $35 for the NT booklet...have offers on 5 other autos, but they haven't even been up a day, so ill let it roll at least until I get home from work tomorrow morning