My Mail thread

I'm going to try to keep this thread as my mail thread for the rest of the time. Here are some sweet additions I was lucky enough to obtain.

10-11 Artifacts Shea Weber/ Steve Sullivan Tundra Tandems Dual Game worn /75. Scratches are from the case:

10-11 Luxury Suite Pekka Rinne/ Shea Weber Dual patches /20. Already have 1 of them but figured this has nicer patches. Absolutely sick! 4 colors on both sides:

Now, this is my fourth one of these. This is from the shoulder patch of the predator logo. 10-11 Dominion Shea Weber 4 color patch /25. Absolutely love the look of these patches:

Actually, scratches look like they are from my scanner. Need to clean that tomorrow.


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All nice cards, but love the Pekka/Weber dousble 4 color patches! That should be in the running for June CoM!
HUGE UPDATE TODAY!!! 14 card package plus some other sick adds I didn't think were going to come as early. WOOHOO

First the 14 card package. Mostly game worn and a couple dual autos. :)

Another Dominion and an Artifact :)

10-11 Artifacts Weber/Sullivan Dual patch/logo /40... love this card

My fifth one of these, Love the 10-11 Dominion patches /25. With some seams exploding out of the cut out! Love it!



I might be crazy.. Proof: I'm the co-owner.
Wow, what an awesome thread so far Jon.. real sweet :)


I might be crazy.. Proof: I'm the co-owner.
Seems like you get new Webers non-stop Jon, nice pick ups :)
Thanks guys. They don't seem to slow up. New ones keep popping up every week. Speaking of new ones, got 3 of 4 here:

06-07 SPGU Rookie /999

11-12 Private Signings

11-12 Titanium GU/AU /100

11-12 Titanium /15 LOGO!

Side note, the Titanium autos seem a bit weak to me. If they had just left the stickers out and had them hard signed, I feel they would've been better off.
Woot, 5 package mail day today. They don't seem to be slowing down anytime soon.

11/12 Titanium, my 2nd

11/12 Private Signings, my 2nd

11/12 Titanium Hat Tricks /199

10/11 Dominion 1/25, this is my sixth one;

10/11 Artifacts Weber/Sullivan, my 2nd one: