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Nice! Always enjoy your Thread, awesome IP Auto's, Congrats!
Little bit of graphing past couple of days. Yesterday went after the Devils/Blue Jackets game. Only 3 of us there, not one Blue Jacket stopped to sign. Didn’t see Hartnell. Was definitely better on the Devils’ side, even as the snow started to come.

Tootoo 1/1
Palmieri 1/1
Vojtech Mozik & Scott Wedgewood on this season’s team item
Adam Larsson on this season’s & 11/12 team item

Few others stopped but didn’t need em. It was Mozik’s & Wedgewood’s debuts so it was nice to see them. And nice surprise on Larsson. Today I went after the Florida Panthers. It was disappointing. I ended up going to the wrong place. But I got to the Garden in time and was able to get a few.

Added Barkov, Kampfer & Kulikov to this season’s team item
Ekblad 8x10

Ughhh I thought for a sec it was Barkov, had an 8x10. Was little late for Montoya, I think Brian Campbell & John Madden. Jagr wouldn’t sign. Still a disappointment, would’ve gotten around 20 graphs if I got the place right. Hope they return here in the playoffs. Tomorrow I should be going for the Hornets. Thanks for reading.


Went for the Hornets today, not a bad day.

Added Courtney Lee, Lamb, Lin & Kidd-Gilchrist to this year’s 8x10
Kemba 8x10
Hawes 2/2
Jefferson 1/2
Batum 2/2
Marvin Williams 1/2

Waited a little longer for MKG & Williams. About 6-8 people there. Wasn’t able to get Gutierrez or Troy Daniels. Couldn’t get Zeller. Only player to deny us was Hansbrough, of course. Dell Curry also. Wished I could’ve gotten Daniels, still need him on both Hornets pieces – now only down to 3 for this year’s. Up next? Bulls and Cavs are in town Thurs. Small chance, we’ll see. Devils have a game Friday. Thanks for reading.


I had tickets to the Devils/Bruins game last night. Big win for the Devils. Got a few guys after the game.

Blake Pietila on 15/16 8x10
Mike Sislo on 14/15 & 13/14 8x10s
Kinkaid on 15/16 & 12/13 8x10s
Ruutu on 15/16 8x10 & card

Few others signed. Up next I may do the Blue Jackets tmrw and maybe the Nets Fri. Thanks for reading.


I went after some hockey yesterday. Before I get into that, I finally got around to printing a signed photo paper. 3 years ago I got Evander Kane on one. Back in the good ol’ days outside Prudential. Sabres come in so it was either find a good image for this or print something new to sign. This was bad auto placement but I made good out of it. Pretty much only Jets image I liked for this.

Now first the Lightning. Could’ve been better.

Callahan 2/2
Bishop 8x10
Tyler Johnson 8x10
Filppula 2/2

About 10 people there. Ughhh Bishop. After he came out of Starbucks he signed just a few rushed ones, I may have been the last one. But when he came back out for the bus he signed better. Some guys I wasn’t sure about, like Kucherov. Ondrej Palat only signed a few. Don’t remember seeing Steve Thomas or Andreychuk. No Verbeek. Stamkos just had surgery. Later that night I went graphing after the Devils/Sabres game. Was quality over quantity. Some surprises.

Ryan O’Reilly 8x10
Schneider 1/1
Greene 1/1
Elias! 8x10 and card

I couldn’t believe there were at least 10 people there for the Sabres. I wasn’t able to get Moulson and Eichel, he signed maybe for a couple. Reinhart and Chad Johnson also signed a little. Didn’t see Gionta and Kane wasn’t there. Ryan O’Reilly was so nice, one of the nicest I’ve seen of a player here this season. Went over to the other side and signed for every person. So rare to see that here. And great to get Elias. Only other time I got him was maybe 3 years ago. Only reason was because he was one of the last out and only about 10 people were still around. Up next for me, gonna try after the Devils/Lightning game tomorrow. And Saturday there’s plenty. Sabres play the Islanders, Phillies are in town for the Mets and Devils are hosting Toronto for the finale. Thanks for reading.


I went graphing after the Devils/Lightning game. Didn’t get much but still it was alright. I was able to get someone from Tampa Bay.

Jason Garrison 1/1

Ben Bishop also signed.

On the Devils I only had stuff for one player who signed, at least it was one of the tougher ones.

Henrique 2/2

At least the black he used was great. Also when I got to the visitors’ side, I noticed on the ground one of those large canvas banners you see on poles around stadiums, thanks in part to the wind. Decided I might as well rush back to my car and put it away lol. Curious how long it was there. So Saturday is up in the air with the rain, let’s see what I end up doing. Thanks for reading.


Last night I went for the Devils, it was the season finale. I wanted to try for the Phillies and Sabres in the city earlier in the day but there was a little rain. I didn’t get much but I did get a great again.

Jiri Tlusty 2/2
Kalinin on 4x6
Elias on 15/16 and 14/15 Devils 8x10

There was well over 100 people waiting after. Only 6 guys stopped. And I just missed getting Zajac and rookie Miles Wood. Elias stopped on what could be his final game, like I hoped. Wanted to try to get him on my last 2 team pieces too but I wanted to wait after he signed for everyone else. I have a feeling he’s gonna come back. Up next I may go after the Marlins tomorrow. Thanks for reading.


Today I did a bit of graphing. Marlins were in town and Wizards were as well. Things could’ve went better with Miami.

Catching coach Brian Schneider 2/2
Mattingly 1/2
Chris Johnson, Edwin Jackson, Bour & Cosart on 2016 8x10

Bonds did sign earlier in the morning but that’s all. Stanton signed a few and Ozuna signed for one after he chased down his cab. Few others didn’t want to sign. Didn’t see Fernandez, Yelich or Ichiro. On to part 2 of the day. I was a little late for the Wizards but didn’t miss much.

Drew Gooden 2/2
Ramon Sessions 2/2
Coach Pat Sullivan on UNC 8x10
Dudley 2/2
Head coach Wittman 1/1
Wall 1/2
Marcus Thornton 1/2 1/1
Nene 2/3 1/1
Alan Anderson 2/2

Not that many people, at least half were random kids. I was late for Gortat and Otto Porter didn’t sign. Beal and J.J. Hickson also didn’t sign. But still very good overall. Up next for me, might do Florida Panthers next week when they play Islanders, just as I hoped. After that, no idea. Thanks for reading.


Well on Friday there was a signing with some current and former Devils. Unfortunately this was almost an hour away and my team had practice 90 min after the signing would start. Turns out I was in line for just over 90 min…But it was kinda worth it. At the signing was Scott Stevens, Jim Dowd & Andy Greene. Jacob Josefson was a late add. And man was I happy to hear he would be there, only was able to get him one time this past season.

Josefson on 12/13 & 11/12 Devils 8x10
Jim Dowd on ’95 SC hat and 5x7 giveaway
Andy Greene on 5x7 giveaway (gonna give to one of my kids)
Stevens on 8x10, ’95 SC hat & 14/15 Devils 8x10

Tried asking him to add HOF year to 8x10 but said that he doesn’t do that. And I don’t remember if I ever uploaded that hat but that was the first thing I ever got signed as a kid. Got Brodeur, John MacLean & Bruce Driver after they won the first cup. Thanks for reading.


I went for the Panthers yesterday, did good.

Head coach Gallant, Campbell, Gudbranson, Montoya, MacKenzie, Jussi Jokinen, Shawn Thornton, Logan Shaw, Bjugstad, & Huberdeau on the 15/16 8x10
Gallant also on card
Montoya also on 11/12 Islanders 8x10 & Cuban flag 8x10
Barkov 8x10 & Panthers 13/14 8x10
Luongo 8x10 1/2

There were around 10 ppl there at most. Jagr & Ekblad were the big ones to refuse to sign. Montoya was delighted to see the flag 8x10. There’s one sig on the 15/16 I can’t identify. Appears to be a #78. There hasn’t been one on the roster. Would’ve liked to wait around for Potvin and Moller but didn’t have time to.


Graphed outside Citi before the Mets/Giants game yesterday. Not a lot of signers.

Eric Campbell on the 2016 & 2014 Mets 8x10
Cespedes on 2016 Mets 8x10 & 2015 WS team ball (Should’ve said to leave the SS for Collins)
Jim Henderson on 2016 Mets 8x10
Bochy 8x10
Neil Walker on 2016 Mets 8x10 & 8x10
Samardzija SS ROMLB

Only other Mets to sign were D’Arnaud (One away from getting him) and Jerry Blevins.


Some updates. Baseball and wrestling, yes wrestling.

Back on the 4th I went to a Somerset/Bridgeport game.

Pitching coach Jesse Litsch 1/1
Blake Beavan 1/1
Endy Chavez 2/2
Dan Johnson 3/3

Wasn't able to get Jonathan Albaladejo & Galvez.

Last Saturday I went to see wrestling legend Mick Foley. Got 2 8x10s signed.

This week the Jackals were hosting the Shikoku Island All-Stars. Went to the game Tues and after the game got coaches Terushi Nakajima, Hidenori Itoh & Hironori Suguro to sign the program as well as the winning pitcher Kohei Maso. The next day I went back to get Terushi to sign a 4x6 of the 2 of us and Kakazu Yuto on a card.

Today I decided to go for the Braves. Didn't go well.

Chase D'Arnaud 1/1
Freeman 8x10

I was lucky to get Freeman. I went over to check another exit and came through there within 5 minutes. Chase was extremely nice and engaging. Even said to me thanks for coming out. Very few people there for today, around 6. Only ones to sign were Ogando, Matt Wisler, Ender Inciarte and Pierzynski (unfortunately wrong place, wrong time). Few others could have left different way.


Well I have quite a few updates. Back on the 20th I went to a Brooklyn Cyclones game against Tri-City Valley Cats, an affiliate of the Astros. Main reason I went was it was Michael Conforto bobblehead night. But also Mike Cameron's son Daz is on the team, he was a 1st rd pick last year. I got a few of the prospects on photo paper.

Jake Rogers blank 8x10
Cameron blank 8x10
Taylor Jones on my ticket
Ronnie Dawson blank 8x10

Later on went over to wait for Cyclones coach Edgardo Alfonzo, got him on 2/3 cards. After that went back over to the visitor's side. I didn't like exactly where Daz signed on the 8x10, but to be fair it was little better than the other 2. He SS'd a ball for me. He was very nice.

Few days later I went to see the Cuban National Team. They were touring in the Can-Am League for this season, playing each of the 6 teams in June. Actually before they came to Rockland, one of the players defected while at a mall. I decided to go at the last minute, at least get some graphing out of the way before they come by me. And another big reason was El Duque was throwing out the first pitch. So I printed a lot for these guys. I just had photos for this game but for the next series I had an item for the team. Anyway here's how I did:

Yosvany Torres 8x10
Guillermo Aviles 8x10
Livan Moinelo 8x10
Yosvany Torres on Cuban flag 8x10
Freddy Alvarez 8x10

Most of the guys I printed for were on the last WBC team or are prospects. Torres & Alvarez were MVPs in the Cuban National Series, Cuba's top league. I was only unable to get one photo signed. Actually 2, I wasn't able to get El Duque. Took bunch of photos with people but wouldn't sign. Only 2 or 3 people trying.

A few days later the Cubans started the series with the Jackals. There definitely was more people seeking autographs for this series. A couple of these guys like Luis Robert was acting like an MLBer already. I'm not even sure if he signed at all before the game.

Added Jose Garcia, Lazaro Blanco, Yayfredo Dominguez, Vladimir Garcia, Osvaldo Vazquez, Raul Gonzalez, Yoelviss Fiss, Aviles, Juan Torriente, Yasiel Santoya, Yoanna Yera, Julio Martinez, Yunior Paumier, Torres & Jefferson Delgado to team 8x10
Added Vladimir Garcia & Julio Martinez to Cuban flag 8x10
Raul Gonzalez 8x10
Julio Martinez 8x10

The game ended after the 7th because of rain so I couldn't get anybody after.

I went back a couple days later for the final game of the tour. After this they'd go back to Canada to play a game against the Japanese team also touring.

Freddy Alvarez, Manager Roger Machado, Luis Robert, Vladimir Banos, Miguel Lahera, Osber Pena, Yosvani Alarcon, Erly Casanova, Frank Medina & Moinelo on team 8x10
Added Alvarez, Machado, Robert & Moinelo to Cuban flag 8x10
Alarcon 8x10
Vladimir Garcia 8x10
Robert on blank 8x10

Alarcon I got on the team item after the game walking through the tunnel & got the last 3 players before they got on the bus. It was very packed. And luckily they still had their jerseys on lol. I had a great time graphing the Cubans, and I had an amazing time at the final game. I only missed getting 3 players from those 2 games, not including the guy that defected lol. Only thing that bummed me was that I forget to bring my vuvuzela for the 2nd game.

On Saturday I went to another Cyclones game against the Connecticut Tigers. It was Seinfeld night. They gave away 2 bobbleheads, Roger McDowell (the 2nd spitter) & J. Peterman with his golf clubs. John O'Hurley made an appearance.

Coach Mike Rabelo 3/3
Mets #1 pick Justin Dunn on blank 8x10

He didn't want to at that moment but I got him to. I also wanted to get one of the Tigers pitchers Funkhouser on a blank but he wouldn't even sign someone's sweet spot card.

And finally, yesterday I hit up the Marlins. I did alright.

Added Nick Wittgren, Koehler, Justin Nicolino, Adam Conley, Mattingly, A.J. Ramos, Stanton & Fernando Rodney to this year's 8x10
Chris Johnson 2/2
Rodney 8x10

Thanks for reading.


Few baseball updates and a football from today. Couple weeks ago I went to see the Somerset Patriots play the Sugarland Skeeters, the one Midwest team in the league. They had a few guys, including manager Gary Gaetti.

Delwyn Young 1/3 (heard he was a jerk about signing in the bigs)
Jeremy Barfield 1/1
Gaetti on 8x10 & mini helmet
Tim Alderson 1/1
Somerset hitting coach Glen Barker 1/1

Saw Sparky Lyle out mostly for the entire time pregame, made sure I'd be prepared for him next time.

Last Friday I went to a Trenton Thunder game (AA Yankee affiliate) against the Altoona Curve (Pirates). Joey Cora is manager and it was Luis Severino bobblehead night.

Cora on 8x10 & card
Harold Ramirez on blank 8x10
Kevin Newman SS ROMLB
Trenton pitching coach Jose Rosado on mini helmet & card

Newman is a 1st rd prospect from couple years ago and Ramirez was listed on the Pirates 40-man at the time. Funny thing is Pirates traded Liriano & at least couple prospects (one being Ramirez) to the Blue Jays couple days later. Pretty lopsided trade too.

Couple nights ago I went to see Somerset play the Long Island Ducks. No big targets but quite a few guys. Bud Harrelson is a coach but apparently he doesn't travel. And just a couple days before, Sean Burroughs was traded.

Sparky Lyle 8x10
Ruben Gotay 2/2
Tyler Colvin 1/1
Dustin Richardson 1/1
Todd Coffey 1/1
Bench coach Lew Ford 1/1

Lew Ford actually signed the card, despite that it was Cuddyer pictured. I think that's the first time I saw the player sign the error card.

This morning I went to the Giants training facility. Some days they have alumni signing.

Plaxico 8x10
Bart Oates 8x10 & card

Plaxico didn't sign my card. But did add XLII Champs on the photo. I asked Oates to add 5x Pro Bowl.


A football update and some baseball. Few days after getting Plax & Oates I got Antonio Pierce on a photo.

Last week I went to the Mets/D'Backs game. During BP I was able to get bullpen coach Garvin Alston. No one else really came over. One did in the minutes before the start, can't remember who. After the game I only saw one D'Back, and I got a Met as well.

Jean Segura 2/2
T.J. Rivera on 2016 Mets 8x10

Rivera made his MLB debut, he was super nice. Nice family too.

Monday I went for the Blue Jays at Yankee Stadium. Went really badly. Saw most of the stars, no one stopped to sign. I would've been better off at the hotel oddly enough. However I was able to get Tino Martinez. There was a VIP event going on in the afternoon for some of the '96 Yankees. Unfortunately I forgot they were still in town, would've brought my 8x10. But got him SS on a ball.

Today there were a bunch of things going on. Mets fan fest, Yankees fan fest, and a Devils beach bash thing. Wrestling too. I went for the Yankees. I didn't expect to be able to get all the participants.

Chris Chambliss 8x10
Roy White on Yankees mini helmet
Mickey Rivers 8x10
Cecil Fielder on Blue Jays jersey
Jeff Nelson 2/2

Only skipped on Leyritz. But just realized I have one of those Yankee Stadium Legacy cards. Oh well. Thanks for reading.


Quite a few updates. I'll do a Part 1 for now.

Back in late August I went to a Mets/Phillies game, Matt Harvey bobblehead night. Didn't go early for autographs. Ended up getting nothing. Couple days later went for the Marlins. Got someone I didn't expect.

Added Dustin McGowan, Dunn & Hechavarria to 2016 8x10
McGowan 1/1
Mattingly 1/1
Ozuna 8x10
Coach Lenny Harris on WS novelty plate

Heard that Jose Fernandez signed another day (may he rest in peace) and Bonds signed the final day. So surprised Ozuna signed. Stanton signed a couple. Few days later I did the Nationals, went terribly.

Dusty Baker 2/2
Wilson Ramos 1/1
Zimmerman 8x10

Omg I almost forgot how I just missed getting Harper twice. Wrong place, wrong time. Next day I went to a signing for Jessie Armstead & David Tyree.

Armstead 8x10 & Miami U 8x10
Tyree on 2 things for my friend

Armstead was very nice but unfortunately he misunderstood where I wanted him to sign. But I recently had a chance to get him again.

On Labor Day I went for the Blue Jays in the morning. Once again went badly. Only maybe 5 people, only 1 of them was a regular. Only a few stopped to sign, and that was across the street stepping out of a café.

Liriano 8x10
Tulo 8x10

Russell Martin didn't feel like signing for me. Everyone else ignored.

Next thing after that was the Jets after their opener. Tough loss. Not many signed. Luckily I noticed a former Jet on the sidelines.

Added Antonio Allen, Brian Winters & Dakota Dozier to 2016 8x10
Laveraneus Coles 8x10

Saw Chris Rock...

The next weekend I went to a Tyree signing at Stop & Shop. Just got a picture of me and him signed from last year. I asked if he could add "Super Bowl Legend" and said "Sorry, no inscriptions." Lol he should realize there is no harm in adding one for a picture of the 2 of us. Yeah don't want this to increase in value!

Another bunch of updates coming up later. Covering all the sports. Thanks for reading.