My Birthday Box Bustin' Post

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  1. So yesterday, we picked up two Cardrageous Rookie Boxes from Five Below and got a bunch of junk (yep Junk Wax!), but my precious haul was..

    2(!) Cello's of 1989 Topps cards (which drew pretty nothing much).

    A pretty ugly looking (the foil came undone from one corner) Lance Berkman Starquest card (2008 U/D First edition)
    2nd year Verlander 2007 Fleer Ultra,
    Jay Marshall Ultra Rookie 2007 Fleer Ultra,
    2010 Topps Allen Craig RC 452
    2010 Topps Andrew Bailey 236
    2012 Opening Day Alex Avila (Blue) #1262/2012
    2012 Topps Miguel Cabrera (Base Set) 200

    Did I do well? Sure I guess...
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