May 2013 Card of The Month

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Which card is the best?

Poll closed Jun 10, 2013.
  1. kenny kerr's Robert Griffin III Patch/Auto /199

    5 vote(s)
  2. Cool_Hand_Flash's Lenny Moore Auto

    1 vote(s)
  3. Cool_Hand_Flash's Coby Fleener Patch/Auto

    0 vote(s)
  1. Mike

    MikeThrow Up The X! Staff Member

    Welcome to the May '13 Card of The Month contest. This month we will again, hopefully for the last time, changing our rules. We're hoping that these rule changes will help get more entries, and make it easier for members to participate and make sure their cards are nominated. I'll get the poll for April's CoTM posted up at some point tomorrow. Don't forget to get your votes in!

    Here's how it works.

    • All cards nominated must have been obtained within the month they're being nominated for, or within the last 48 hours.
    • Members can nominate their own cards, or other member's cards.
    • There must be a scan of the card, on TCZ, that is being nominated.
    • You can either post the scan directly in this thread or post a link to the thread, on TCZ, where the card is shown.
    • At the end of the month, the TCZ team will determine which cards (maximum of 10) will be added to the poll to be voted on.
    • All winners will be automatically nominated for the Card of The Year contest, during the 2013 TCZ Awards, where there will be prizes given to the winners.
    Good luck everyone! Now get to nominating!


    WINNER kenny kerr's Robert Griffin III Patch/Auto /199

    Cool_Hand_Flash's Lenny Moore Auto

    Cool_Hand_Flash's Coby Fleener Patch/Auto
  2. Cool_Hand_Flash

    Cool_Hand_FlashI might be crazy.. Proof: I'm the co-owner.

    Slow month o_O
  3. do trades count?

    meaning if i traded a card for another card does it count as part of the card of the month?
  4. Mike

    MikeThrow Up The X! Staff Member

    Absolutely, as long as it's a card you received, and have in your possession, during the month of May.
  5. ok great i got a RG3 auto relic from limited football how do i post a picture of it i got it may 11th
  6. Mike

    MikeThrow Up The X! Staff Member

    You'll need to upload the photo to some kind of image hosting site, such as Photobucket, then post the image here using our IMG tags. If you use Photobucket to host the images, they will also give you the correct IMG code to post the picture within the forums.
  7. could i post it via twitter also if can i nominate more then 1 card i got this month
  8. Mike

    MikeThrow Up The X! Staff Member

    The scan has to be posted somewhere within the forums and, yes, you can nominate more than 1. However, we generally don't add more than 2 of any single member's cards to the final poll.
  9. for the IMG how do i post it to the thread im new to photo bucket
  10. Mike

    MikeThrow Up The X! Staff Member

    Just copy the IMG code from Photobucket and paste it into the post.
  11. just the code number not the link on photobucket right
  12. Mike

    MikeThrow Up The X! Staff Member

    Photobucket should give you an entire line that looks like this:

    ...or this:

  13. ok great thanks for the help will put it up in a few
  14. I would like to nominate this RG3 autograph 198/199 from limited football that i got on may 11th in a trade.
  15. Cool_Hand_Flash

    Cool_Hand_FlashI might be crazy.. Proof: I'm the co-owner.

    There you go.. and I'll go ahead and delete all your attemps etc, to clean up the thread :P

    All you gotta do, is copy the bottom link, and paste it in the box you type in. Real simple :)

    oh and nice card![​IMG]