Mailday part 2, the "good" stuff au/gu BGS


2000 Sage Cosey Coleman 250/400
2000 Topps Gold Label R Jay Soward
2000 Encore Michael Wiley
1998 Momentum Warrick Dunn Jsy
2002 Honors Marquise Walker Jsy 063/650
2002 Bowmans Best Seth Burford
2002 Bowmans Best Ken Simonton
2002 Bowmans Best Wendell Bryant
2002 Bowmans Best Jonathan Wells 258/399

1999 Edge Gary Brown
1999 Edge Dwayne Bates
2000 Score Joe Hamilton
2001 Press Pass Jesse Palmer
1999 Triumph Sedrick Irvin
2003 HIT Rashean Mathis 40/100
1994 Superior Rookies Charles Johnson 4478/5000
2002 Finest Lamar Gordon 0714/1200

2002 SPX Mike McMahon
2003 Bowmans Best Michael Haynes 135/499
2002 SP Authentic Travis Stephens 0354/1150
2004 Press Pass Jermaine Green (3)
2004 Press Pass Jason Wright
2002 Sage Cliff Russell 189/200
2004 Press Pass Keith Smith

2002 HIT Kelly Campbell
2003 Press Pass Ben Johnson
1995 Superior Pix Scotty Lewis 3192/6500
2000 Contenders Deon Mitchell
2000 Contenders Jujuan Dawson
1996 Skybox Eddie Kennison
1999 Skybox Tyrone Wheatley
2000 Bowman Curtis Keaton

1995 Signature Rookies Kordell Stewart 604/7750
2003 HIT Boss Bailey
1999 Advantage Dat Nguyen (DAMAGED)
1999 SPX Chris Claiborne
2001 Bowman Dan Morgan
2004 LCM Mirror Blue Ball/Helmet/Jsy Cedric Cobbs 42/50

2002 Bowmans Best Gold Napoleon Harris 03/99
2000 Fleer Thomas Jones
2004 Press Pass Matt Schaub (2)
1989 Upper Deck Randy Johnson BGS 9.5 (9.5/9.5/9.5/9.5)
44 Assorted Ken Griffey Jr from Steve Schwartz (???) (no scans) (NFT)

once again most of these are FT/FS...who is Steve Schwartz?...its not Scuba Steve :scratch: anyways thanks for the freebies


retired hippie
Nice haul!!

You building inventory for the Nats?

or working on a bunch of sets?

or just picking up steals when you find them?

The Mailbox must of been stuffed.
Very nice Jason! If you want to move those two Giants autos let me know.
Had a brain fart, I think I know who Steve Schultz is...

Back on CP, he was an Oregon fan. I think I got a MoMo SpA from him...