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Discussion in 'Show and Tell' started by MWS, Sep 13, 2013.

  1. MWS

    MWSI like Cards...

    2012 Five Star E. Smith 10/10 3 2 Color Patch Auto

  2. MWS

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    I need a better pic. My cell phone didn't do the trick.
  3. franklinguy52

    franklinguy52Mr. Baseball Staff Member

    It is beautiful any way you photograph it!
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  4. MWS

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    I think this looks better

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  5. Mike

    MikeThrow Up The X! Staff Member

    Wow! I'm not a huge fan of booklets, but that is a sweet card! Did you buy that one or get it in a break or trade?
  6. captkirk42

    captkirk42Old School Vintage Staff Member

    I'm not a fan of booklets either (I've ranted about it somewhere here before I think). Even though they are technically cards to me they are just memorabilia not cards. For proper display purposes they have to be stored "open", I wonder if BCW has made some kind of case or "toploader" for these puppies? If not that would be a good idea, make a case that displays them open. OH MY yes YES they do make them. (at least Ultra Pro does)
  7. pwolantern

    pwolanternTCZ's #1 Manningham collector

    Awesome card, congrats
  8. franklinguy52

    franklinguy52Mr. Baseball Staff Member

    There is also regular toploaders that hold the also.
  9. MWS

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    I have it in a 1 touch magnetic holder made for booklet cards. I pulled it (Redemption) out of a 3 box case a few months ago its part of my HOF collection now.
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  10. Cool_Hand_Flash

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    Amazing card.. absolutely gorgeous.. man I wish I had more votes in the cotm this time.
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