Football Low Budget Football Group Break Club - August '12

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    Low Budget Football Group Break Club - August

    This will be the first month this group break has been here on TCZ, and it looks like we are all full. Thanks to all of you who have joined. To everyone else, if you would like to get added to our waiting list just let us know here in the thread or PM me. All waiting list members are offered spots in the break in the order they're added to the list.

    Price: $20
    Payment Due: August 1
    Teams: 1 chosen, 2 drafted
    Break Method: Live@BlogTV, Video@YouTube

    Box Selection

    2012 Prestige Hobby Box (4 hits)
    2011 Timeless Treasures Hobby Box (3 hits)
    2010 Crown Royale Hobby Pack (1 hit)

    Card Distribution

    Cards will be distributed by one of the following methods, in this order:

    1) Team printed (text or logo) on the card.
    2) Team pictured on the uniform.
    3) Team the player currently plays for.
    4) Team the player played for longest.

    Multi-team cards will go to the member who has the most owned teams on the card. If that doesn't decide it, it goes to the member with the most total teams featured on the card. If that can't determine it, it will be decided at (between teams on the card only).

    Cards from old teams that simply moved to a new town will be given to the owner of the team that they moved to (ie. Houston Oilers = Tennesee Titans).

    Cards from unselected teams will be randomly drawn between all members.


    All "hits" will be placed in toploaders, magnetics, or screwdowns. Everything else goes in a team bag, wrapped in a single layer of bubble wrap. All of that is sent in a bubble mailer, with delivery confirmation (where available).


    1. mjda - Cowboys
    2. Cool_Hand_Flash - Colts
    3. Cool_Hand_Flash - Redskins
    4. bradkcincy - Bengals
    5. pwolantern - Giants
    6. XianSPL - Cardinals
    7. booth9919 - Vikings
    8. bajmurray - Patriots
    9. franklinguy52 - Packers
    10. dualshock - 49ers

    Bold means confirmed.
    Green means payed.
    Orange means payment pending/incoming.

    Waiting List

    Crpalmi - Browns
    booth9919 - Dolphins

    Drafted Team Results

    Atlanta Falcons - bradkcincy
    Baltimore Ravens - bradkcincy
    Buffalo Bills - bajmurray
    Carolina Panthers - pwolantern
    Chicago Bears - mjda
    Cleveland Browns - bajmurray
    Denver Broncos - CHF
    Detroit Lions - mjda
    Houston Texans - CHF
    Jacksonville Jaguars - CHF
    Kansas City Chiefs - NOT PICKED
    Miami Dolphins - booth9919
    New Orleans Saints - XianSPL
    New York Jets - franklinguy52
    Oakland Raiders - NOT PICKED
    Philadelphia Eagles - XianSPL
    Pittsburgh Steelers - booth9919
    San Diego Chargers - pwolantern
    Seattle Seahawks - CHF
    St. Louis Rams - dualshock
    Tampa Bay Buccaneers - dualshock
    Tennessee Titans - franklinguy52

    Random teams:
    Kansas City Chiefs
    Oakland Raiders

    Please keep in mind that the nature of group breaks, especially the low budget type, is that it is quite possible that all members involved may not get any "hits", or any cards at all. What you are purchasing, by entering the group break, is the opportunity to participate in the group and any cards that come with that opportunity.
  2. Cool_Hand_Flash

    Cool_Hand_FlashI might be crazy.. Proof: I'm the co-owner.

    In!! :D
  3. Mike

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    By the way, I just wanted to note some of the changes we're making starting in August.

    First, it will be 1 chosen team and we'll have a 2 round draft for the remaining teams. It will be a 2 round snake draft, meaning whoever gets pick #1 will get pick #20 and pick #10 will also get pick #11.

    Also, (and this rule doesn't count this month) whenever a member switches teams they will automatically be given the last pick in the draft. This is just to prevent monthly team changes.

    We'll also start voting on box selection so at the start of every month (starting now) everyone should mention if there's a product they want to do so we can try to get those included into some of the box selections before the voting starts.

    That said, I feel like we should do a box of 2012 Prestige this month. For the other box, though, I'm not so sure. We may have to go back into 2011 to find another box that could fit. So, my suggestion would be a box of 2012 Prestige and a lower end box of last year's stuff.
  4. In like Flynn.
  5. Mike

    MikeThrow Up The X! Staff Member

    Here are a few suggestions that I've come up with for us for this month. Remember, these are just suggestions so if anyone else would like to suggest something else we'd love to hear it.

    Option 1

    2012 Prestige Hobby Box (4 hits)
    2011 Timeless Treasures Hobby Box (3 hits)
    2010 Crown Royale Hobby Pack (1 hit)

    Option 2

    2012 Prestige Hobby Box (4 hits)
    2011 Bowman Sterling Hobby Pack (3 hits)
  6. Cool_Hand_Flash

    Cool_Hand_FlashI might be crazy.. Proof: I'm the co-owner.

    Seeing as I helped suggest option 1.. Im gonna cast my votes on that :P
  7. option 1!!!
  8. Edited: Ignore this post. Makes it too expensive.
  9. franklinguy52

    franklinguy52Mr. Baseball Staff Member

    Option 1 sounds good to me
  10. Option 1 sounds good too.
  11. Mike we can order the box through our supplier for you and get a great deal for you, would even be willing to run the break for you at no cost at all. Let me know brother :)
  12. Hey Mike, if a spot opens up I'd be glad to join you with the Browns going forward. Just let me know!
  13. Mike

    MikeThrow Up The X! Staff Member

    Thanks for the offer, Tim. I'll drop you an email to get some prices from you when we decide on the boxes we're doing this month. I do like to hosts the breaks myself, though, just for the fun of it.

    Thanks Chris! I'll put you down on the waiting list.
  14. Cool_Hand_Flash

    Cool_Hand_FlashI might be crazy.. Proof: I'm the co-owner.

    See Mike? We could go to 16 with one drafted team, and if we don't fill we'll still have more $$$ for boxes, and just random off any potential hits from left over teams like we do now. See? See? Told ya so :P (Man Im annoying huh? :lol: )

  15. He's just sayin......