Jrue Holiday 09-10 Panini Threads Rookie Class

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  1. Hey guys I know this is a long shot but if anyone has a Jrue Holiday Rookie Class Letter patch from 09-10 Panini Threads that is FT let me know. So far I only have the I. I am currently trying to acquire the A. I am trying to complete this set ASAP and for as little cash as possible. Would prefer trade before having to use cash.
  2. So an update to anyone who cares I just bought the A and it should come on Friday. PLEASE if you know anyone who has the other letters and is willing to trade for it LMK!!!!
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    Congrats on finding the A, these are cool sets to put together. Good luck!
  4. Well guys I just acquired the D! I am 4 letters short! Please help me make this happen!