I've Got A Monster Box Completely Full Of RCs & Serial Numbered Cards

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  1. I don't want to go through it and scan and list every card for nothing. I would rather figure out what different people want or need. Can do lots of your choosing(team, individual player, manufacturer, set, etc.). Would like to sell them but would possibly trade them as well. Trading them is hard because I don't want anymore base, rcs, serial numbered, etc. All I want are autos and gu so that makes trading them pretty tough. I'm pretty reasonable on prices. Just let me know what you're looking for and I'll let you know what i got. Most of them are from within the past few years because that's about how long I've been collecting. I also have 4 big binders completely full of regular base cards as well if anybody is looking to put together any sets. All of these cards are just taking up too much room. I want to get rid of them but don't want to just throw/give them away either. Private messages work best for me but will check the thread daily as well. And I only ship in penny sleeve, top loader, and bubble mailer w/ DC#. I don't do PWE because I don't like having to worry that somebody's card will get lost in the mail.

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    Let me know what you have from 2010 Classics football.
  3. that one may take a while because i just got done sorting over 2,000 cards by team
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    Ouch.. so if I ask about Ultimate Collection? :D
  5. what about chicago bears cards
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    Let me know what you from the New York Giants...thanks!
  7. alright i wanna try something before i start looking for everything. would anybody be interested in making offers for the whole box?
  8. You can PM me for Redskins
  9. Not interested in base, but lmk if you have any of the following: Tebow, Sanchez, Curtis Martin, Ocho Cinco, Favre, Brady, Peyton Manning. lmk.