I'm going to bust a box of 2009 Contenders in a few minutes

I hope you pull a Beckum, PJ Hill, Cade Mcnown, and Darnell Autry.
That would be the greatest box break ever!!!

Pack 3:

Donald Brown Rookie Roll Call Insert

Pack 4:

LeSean McCoy (the guy with four capital letters in his name) Rookie of the Year Contenders Insert
Pack 5:

Gale Sayers Legendary Contenders insert

Pack 6:

Mike Goodson Rookie Playoff Ticket #19/99

I think I'll stop now while I'm ahead
okay, maybe not

Pack 7:

Mark Sanchez / Shonn Greene Draft Class insert

Pack 8:

Tony Fiammetta Rookie Ticket Auto

Apparently this box was meant for Deimos
Pack 9:

Mark Sanchez / Darrius Heyward-Bey Round Numbers insert

Pack 10:

Marko Mitchell Rookie Ticket Auto <-- I better get this sucker up on eBay right now while he's hot!!