Hung out with some friends at the LCS

So I hung out with some of my good buddies at the LCS today and we did quite a bit of stuff. They did some boxes that I didn't get in on and then some I did get in on. One box that I did get in on was the new 2013-14 NBA Hoops Jumbo box and I got 2 hits and traded 1 of them. But the one I kept was a Rajon Rondo Auto! Then the next box we did was 10-11 Classics. I got 2 hits. They were a Quentin Richardson Patch #'d 21/25 and the other was a Timofey Mozgov Rookie Auto. I did one pack of Prizm Jumbo Football and got a Da'Rick Rogers Auto and a Denarius Moore blue die cut #'d 10/15. Then we did 2 boxes of 09-10 Classics and they were the 2 of the best boxes I have ever seen in my life! I got 4 of the hits and they are a Hakeem Olajuwon Jersey card #'d 88/99, a Omri Casspi Auto RC #'d to 862, a Tim Duncan Jersey card #'d to 199, and finally one of the best hits I have ever pulled! It is a Bill Russell on card Autograph numbered 16/50!!!! I was ecstatic and yeah it was a great day to hang out with some good friends! here are the pictures of the cards!



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Very nice adds, Scotty! Looks like a heck of a good day. That Bill Russell is sweet!


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Thanks Mike! You interested in the Duncan?
No, sorry. I don't really collect much basketball other than Tony Parker, and I'm becoming less and less interested in that PC all the time.


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Wow... Rondo, TD, The Dream, Casspi..

Oh and that super sweet Bill Russell lol.. awesome breakage :)