How's it goin', TCZ?

Discussion in 'Member Introductions' started by dualshock, Jun 21, 2012.

  1. See a bunch of familiar names here from the other TC site. Thought I'd come on over and see what the buzz was all about. :D

    Saw the ad and registered a while back but only when I signed on for the Titanium Case break at, I saw the link so here I am.

    Looking forward to getting to know everyone.
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  2. Mike

    MikeThrow Up The X! Staff Member

    Welcome to TCZ, Dennis. Glad to see you made your way over. :) Did you see LCB's break last night? We actually had Brad Ziegler mention our site! :D
  3. Thanks Mike. Nope, didn't get to see it but I saw the tweet about Ziegler yesterday. That's quite the plug. :thumbsup:
  4. Mike

    MikeThrow Up The X! Staff Member

    Yeah it is. Hopefully it'll drive more members here.

    By the way, I expect to see that RGIII auto entered into our CoTM contest when you get it. :P That was sweet seeing that pulled last night.
  5. pwolantern

    pwolanternTCZ's #1 Manningham collector

    Welcome to TCZ Dennis!
  6. Yeah, I was shocked when it came up. Guess I can cross "RGIII auto" off my bucket list now. ;)
  7. Thanks Ken!
  8. Cool_Hand_Flash

    Cool_Hand_FlashI might be crazy.. Proof: I'm the co-owner.

    Dennis! Cool to see ya over here :)

    And congrats on the RG3.. now, in future breaks, let other people get their rookie QB ;) :flapper:
  9. Thanks Mark and good Luck to you! :)
  10. Cool_Hand_Flash

    Cool_Hand_FlashI might be crazy.. Proof: I'm the co-owner.

    Thanks :D So far, three Press Pass base is my haul in group breaks :lol:
  11. Yay!!!
  12. Whoo hoo!
  13. Welcome on, look familiar over on tcc!
  14. Thanks Nate! Yup, coming up on my 5 years at TCC. But this board looks like it's up and coming.
  15. captkirk42

    captkirk42Old School Vintage Staff Member

    Dennis? Who's Dennis? Where did this guy come from? Oh Hey EVERYONE IT'S Dennis! Something about wanting our Lupins? I don't think we've got any. :D