How to enter a NPN drawing.

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    I just wanted to go over the most common "rules" for entering a no purchase necessary (NPN) drawing. Hopefully some of you will see how easy it is and start to enter into some.

    Usually NPN programs are only open to U.S./Canadian residents. The only exception there, usually, is Quebec residents cannot participate.

    In order to receive some free cards, "at the same odds" as written on the back of the pack of cards you simply hand print your name and complete address on a 3x5 card, and mail it in a #10 envelope to the address given. Only put 1 card per envelope, and usually the number per household is limited to 1 or 2 for each product. If you don't know how many it is, per household, I'd just send 1. Failure to comply with this "per household" rule will usually result in all of your entries being disqualified.

    If you are a Canadian resident you will also have to answer a mathematical skills question, usually just dubbed "Canadian skills question".

    And that, my friends, are the general (most common) rules for entering into a NPN drawing.

    Good luck to all who enter, and don't forget to post if you get anything back.
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