Hits from topps football win!

Discussion in 'Show and Tell' started by kenny kerr, Sep 15, 2013.

  1. here are my hits from the free box i won from topps football pretty sick box
    th_54787404-2E44-4230-876D-889448F58CBE-28291-00000F50310FA3E4_zps4a2a00e4.jpg th_3D3E7D42-951B-4764-8A3E-CBB9CDE10E2B-28291-00000F50377CF90B_zpsfdde9e67.jpg th_DB21A2A9-EA7F-4E71-9D48-8C17E4ADAA10-28291-00000F503D8F92F0_zps38f7968e.jpg
    the landry jones is /25 on card auto the teo keenan allen dual auto relic is /25 as well sick box from topps football! FREEBOXMOJO! sick patches on the teo/allen the other auto is not numbered
  2. pwolantern

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    Nice break
  3. yea man especially for a free box from topps
  4. Cool_Hand_Flash

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    Cool, gotta love freebies, and especially when they turn out this nice
  5. Love the Teo auto hopefully I can get one before next season! Won one on EBay /25 but seller sent a message it was damaged before they could ship it and magically it was relisted a couple of weeks later. Starting price double what I paid. To say the least I was a little hot
  6. i may be willing to trade i pc skins
  7. yea man two /25 autos in one box and that sick patch
  8. I don't have any redskins check out the bucket see if you like.
  9. sorry buddy i only pc redskins cards
  10. but i may be willing to sell it depending on your offer price