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  1. Hello all, this is Chris from TheBoxbreakers.com group breaks. I have been running group breaks for the Boxbreakers for almost 6 years now and have loved the experience! I started doing these group breaks when hardly anybody else was doing them when i realized it was a great way for me to build my team PC and get a taste of a bunch of different products without going broke doing it! We gained some notoriety coming up with some unique ways to fill breaks (creativity was necessary in the early days when not as many people knew about these groups) and we were even featured by the NY Times with a story about being one of the innovators of the group break phenomenon. That was then when it was a new deal and now is now when everyone on the block is offering group breaks! Obviosly when it comes to joining group breaks these days you have a growing number of choices out there and I view that as a great thing. Right here on TCZ you have LCB as a great option and I am not here to try to compete with them or any other breaker, but merely provide another option. At the Boxbreakers group breaks we're a bit different as while we strive to fill every break by maintaining our website and posting messages of our openings, we try not to make it too much of a business and keep it more as a group of friends getting together to do what we love to do. We try to treat it more as a "club" rather than a mass offering as we only offer 5 groups you can join us with and each is a monthly offering so we are usually only breaking once or twice a month. We also allow our folks to retain their teams from month to month as these are on-going groups so we have had some of the same guys in our breaks for over 5 years now. That sucks for someone waiting to get their team but when you find a good opening you know you are in for as long as you want to continue! We offer only Football breaks as that's what I collect...call me selfish but I'm a collector first and a breaker second!

    As i mention I am a collector too (lifelong Browns fan unfortunately) so I take part in every break as well but because I do this to feed my own habit you'll find that our prices are always lower than everybody else's as I don't price breaks to make a profit, merely to cover the cost of the product and shipping costs. While I am still active on another site as well as displaying all our breaks on YouTube, I came to TCZ to feature a couple of our breaks and look forward to seeing the site grow in popularity. It already has a lot of friends on here that I have known for years either through group breaks or just collecting so I know it has a good foundation and good people behind it so I know it 's got good growth ahead!

    So that's the long read about the group break side of my collecting life, but as a collector I have been active on and off since 1974 when I found my first FB card lying on the sidewalk in front of my house. I still dabble in all 4 sports but am most serious about FB and always have been. I do pcollect vintage as well as modern and my main PC at this point is 2005 Charlie Frye rookie cards. Hard to believe I know but despite being on his way out of the league this year I am still collecting. I only collect 2005 stuff (his rookie year with the Browns) and mainly focus on jersey and auto cards but try to hoard as much of his stuff as I can find. Otherwise I have small PC's of other Browns players like Hardesty, Greg Little, Colt McCoy, etc.. But Frye is by far the main guy. I also love vintage and ever since my 8 year old took an interest in vintage BB I undertook the task of slowly (very slowly) trying to build complete sets from 1957-1980 so we could build them together. While it may be a lifelong project, I guess that was kind of the idea when we decided to start it.

    That's it guys...if you read the whole thing you win a tootsie roll as that was a long read. It's great to be part of TCZ and I hope to be more active on the site as time goes on. Looking forward to reading more about your collections, mail days, trades, steals, pack pulls, and hobby stories as its always great to share those with others that appreciate it rather than try to convince the wife that you really do have a cool hobby! Happy collecting all!
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    Now THAT is what I call an introduction. I'm extremely glad you joined, Chris, and am still looking forward to grabbing the Cowboys in one of your breaks. I'm just hoping it happens sometime within the next 5 years or so. :lol:

    Welcome aboard, and thanks for the lengthy introduction. One thing, though, is that you didn't tell us your favorite color. :P

    Oh, and you can put my tootsie roll in Mark's next package. :D
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  3. Brown just doesnt go well with anything so I'll go with burnt orange. Thanks again for the invite Mike!
  4. Cool_Hand_Flash

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    As a long time member of your group (with a little break in the middle) I gotta say, I LOVE LOVE LOVE that you are here on our humble site. I always watch your breaks, (even if it bugs me when someone else gets a Peyton, or god forbid a Luck!! :lol: ) and honestly, you're a class act, and always willing to help out collectors in dispair! (I just made you sound like a superhero there :D ) In all honesty, it's cool that the Legendary Crpalmi picked us.

    What an intro to do, makes most us look lazy :lol:

    Welcome to the future of trading card forums Chris! :cool:

    (too much?, seriously? But it's all true, so I'm not changing anything! mwuahahahaha!)
  5. Wow, thanks Mark. High praise to live up to so no pressure here! Seriously you and Mike and team have done a great job with the site and I hope to do what I can to help it grow.