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  1. Hey!

    I'm CardCraze, I was referred here by mjda and thought the site looked decent enough, so why not give it a try! I mainly collect NASCAR and hockey, but have some interest in football and baseball as well!

    I'm 19, attend college in Virginia, and traded several years ago before taking a break from the hobby. Looking to make some more trades, meet some new people, and get back into the excitement of running to the mailbox!

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    Welcome aboard, Trevor!
  3. captkirk42

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    Welcome to the zone.

    I don't do NASCAR but since my brother is a racing nut one time he gave me a bunch of 1991 Pro-Set NHRA cards (I have 20some). I know it is not the same league or circuit (or whatever racing considers those organizations). Would you be interested in those?
  4. Thanks very much for the warm welcome and offer! Unfortunately, I'm only really interested in NASCAR at the moment!
  5. captkirk42

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    Thought that would be the case just checking though.
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    Welcome to TCZ!
  7. Welcome Trevor.
  8. Welcome Trevor, Check my Trade Buckets for Blackhawks!
  9. Thanks :)! Really only collect Cujo or Flyers when dealing with hockey! Thanks for the offer though!
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    A little late, but..

    Welcome to the trading card forum of the future!! :D