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  1. Hello,

    Many of you may have traded with me on another forum as my handle is the same on all. I am new to the site but definitely not to the hobby. I look forward to hopefully making some transactions within this community. My main interests are: Urlacher, Hester, Vintage Bears, Vintage HOF players (baseball and football), Kobe, Jordan, Griffin, P Manning, Montana, Rice, A Rod, Jeter, Chipper, amongst others.

  2. Cool_Hand_Flash

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    Rodney! Hello my friend, glad to see you over here at TCZ - the future of trading card forums :D
  3. Mike

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    Welcome aboard Rodney. Glad to see you found us.
  4. Welcome to the site!
  5. Small world my friend!
  6. Thanks guys
  7. pwolantern

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    Welcome to TCZ Rodney!
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    There goes the neighborhood! :D Kidding Welcome to The Twilight Zone! Oops Wrong Rod Wrong Zone. :lol:
  9. Welcome!!!!!!