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    Over the next few months we're really going to focus on new members, and we'll start with this month's group break team giveaway. This time it will be a referral based challenge. All you have to do is refer a friend to register on TCZ and post in this thread that you referred them. The member with the most referrals by next Tuesday will be the winner. In the event there is a tie, we will count the posts of all your referrals. Whichever member's referrals have the most posts will be the winner. In the event there is still a tie, it will be decided by

    Now, to make it a little more interested for the winner, here's how your team will be decided. You will make a list of your top 10 teams from our list of available teams. We will then use to give you a team off of your own list. That means you will automatically get to eliminate over half the available teams from the random drawing.

    This contest IS open to current members of the group too, so you could end up with an extra team!

    The winners will have 24 hours to claim the prize here on TCZ after the winner is announced, so keep checking back!


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    Special thanks to the members of the group for allowing this to happen!
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  2. Sad you guys are the only friends I have lol
  3. Mike

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    It looks like that's the case with everyone. Nobody has entered this thing yet. It looks like, right now, just a single referral could win this thing. o_O
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    They'll need to post here saying that you referred them. I guess the rules could be read to look like you have to post here, but that's not what I intended. Sorry, but I will extend this thing through Friday before the break to try to get some more participation. As long as @rigo tovar replies to this thread before then, you're in the lead. ;)
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    Hi, im new so sorry,, Franklinguy52 recommended me tobthis awesome site
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    YAY! I guess I win. Come on people we need to go after these contests a little more!

    My list of 10 teams:
    Arizona Cardinals
    Baltimore Ravens
    Buffalo Bills
    Cincinnati Bengals
    Houston Texans
    Jacksonville Jaguars
    New York Jets
    Philadelphia Eagles
    San Diego Chargers
    Tennessee Titans
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  8. Mike

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    Indeed, Troy! Congrats on your win. According to, you will be given the Houston Texans as your random team. Congrats again!