Fantasy Football 2013 (Draft Tonight!!)

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  1. So I set up a free league on yahoo that is drafting tonight at 8pm EST!! This is a public league called The Legends. ID #1141004. Come join and post your name so everyone knows who is in. This is a 10 team league so spots will fill fast.
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    Well, how did the draft go? How's your team look like it'll stack up against the others? Did anyone else from TCZ join up?
  3. well i ended up just deleting the league since no one else joined but i joined another one and my team is stacked. I have Rodgers, Bowe, Nelson, Graham, Peterson, Garcon, Matthews, Deangelo Williams, Romo, Bernard, Moore, Rudolph, and Sidney Rice
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    Wow, nice! Normally I'd say you should start Romo this week against the Chiefs, but the Packers play the Redskins. That might be the better choice, as bad as I hate to say it. Well, unless Miles Austin lights it up like he did last time he played the Chiefs.