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  1. So I just got a card from eBay that came in the mail today. 1964 Topps baseball card. The guy/shop I bought it from has 100% satisfaction on the Bay so I'm not too concerned about them trying to cheat anyone but ... the card seems very flimsy, almost like it was printed on some kind of thick paper as opposed to stock used for trading cards. I'm staring at it trying to figure out if there are any clues about it being a copy but I can't see anything. I think the only thing I'm hung up on is how thin the card is. Just curious if any of you have collected any cards from '64 Topps and if so, are they fairly thin compared to other vintage cards? I can't imagine someone would take the time to duplicate this card since it's only like a $20 card but ... you never know.
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    This looks like a job for Captain Kirk, mr Murray and the Commish!

    I honestly dont know, hard when you can't see it for yourself, ya know..
  3. Pulled out some '64s and they feel no different than any other mid-60s Topps cards, certainly not any thinner. Hard to say for sure without having it in hand. You have a local card shop? Or you could grab a couple of commons off eBay for about a buck and a quarter shipped. Use them for comparison.

    Let me look and see if I have any '64 dupes. If I can find something I'll send it your way and you can compare. Might take me a day or so, I'm HIGHLY disorganized right about now. I have scans out the ears of all kinds of stuff but my cards, those are a little harder to get my hands on.
  4. oh, no need to go through all that trouble. i can bring it down to my LCS this weekend and see what the guy there says. i'm honestly not sure if i'm concerned or not. one minute i am, one minute i'm not. haha

    i didn't spend much money on it so i'm not sweatin it but i wanna be sure to let the seller know if it ends up being fake. i don't even want the money back ... just wanna make sure he knows. i'll see what my LCS says.

    thanks for the info. you checking on your other '64's helped a lot.
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    I pulled out a few of my base 64s and they were actually thinner than I was thinking that they were. If this was a trusted seller, it is probably not a fake. Good luck and don't spend too much when you go to the LCS.:D

  6. I didn't feel any difference between the 64s I pulled and a couple of 63s, but after all this time it could be because the cards have absorbed moisture thru humidity (I'm in Houston after all). But a side by side with other 64s will tell the tale. See if you can find some from the same series if possible.
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    A scan of the front and back may help.