Fake Babe Ruth Signed Ball Scheme Draws Prison Sentence

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    The Florida man who sold a bucket full of phony Babe Ruth autographed baseballs across the state of Florida will spend four years in prison.

    Marc A. Szakaly, 40, of Land O'Lakes, pleaded guilty to organized fraud without a plea bargain according to news reports. Pinellas-Pasco Circuit Judge Nancy Moate Ley told the court that the sentence was warranted because it was clearly an organized plan to defraud businesses. Szakaly also repaid the money he was handed for selling or pawning the baseballs, which came with faked PSA DNA letters of authenticity.


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    He went from selling fake diamonds to fake auto's..... Looks like a habit to me. ;)
    Selling over 30 fake Ruth's equals only 4 years???? :(