Do you ever feel bad?

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  1. Do you ever feel bad about winning an ebay auction for WAY less than the actual value of the card(s)?

    I was convinced that I would be outbid on this auction I just won. I hate talking about money or how much I'm spending in a public forum so I'll just use percentages here.

    Set of 5 cards, each one with a value of approximately X = 5X

    I set my max bid at 2X pretty sure that I'd be outbid. I actually almost forgot about the auction until I logged in this morning and saw I was still the high bidder. I forgot about it again throughout the day figuring there would be a bidding war at the last minute and I'd lose it. Not only did I not lose it, no one else bid so it never made it up to my max bid and I got it for 1X ... about 20% of the value of the cards.

    Now I'm all for a great deal and part of me is so stoked but another part of me feels so bad for this dude. I mean, I've been on the other end of that (kind of ... not to this extent). Of course, despite having read the description and stared at the picture many many times, I could also be some tool that missed a single line of text or something that said I'll be getting the empty box the cards came in. lol

    I think it's legit though.

    So ... have you ever felt bad about the outcome of a positive ebay auction?
  2. franklinguy52

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    Sometimes I do feel bad about these until I get sniped on another auction that I thought that I would win then I figure it is all ying and yang. You win some, you lose some. I also have won auctions for alot less than value then the seller was just happy that they sold.
  3. captkirk42

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    No. I usually feel good about wining an auction for a super low price. 20% off BV is good, sometimes you are lucky if you get it for 10% less. As for the seller, I don't feel bad about them. The seller should realize if s/he starts an auction at a really low price (or follows Ebay's suggestion at starting an auction off at 99cents to attract bids) the auction may end up w/ only the opening bid. If they really want to make money off of there card (or other widget) then they should start the opening bid at a price they are comfortable with letting that widget go for.
  4. good point
  5. franklinguy52

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    Personally, I always start my auctions at 99 cents, and it does help to get attention, but I always know that there is a risk of letting it go too cheap. With eBay you just do not know, I sold a card that books for $60 last week for $93, and a card that I thought I would get at least $30 for went for $12, that is just the way that it goes.
  6. Agreed! Though I never once went to Ebay to buy, but heard so much about it, I check pricing there sometime's for people that want Ebay pricing for buying your card, which I personally dont like, I go Beckett and work between the Low and High end, Depending on the player, $20 high for a card, I will go low, seems fare enough! As I was saying about my Datsyuk RC YG in the Card of The Month Thread, The card is $60 High in Beckett, $99 on Ebay, only one listed, but found mine for $30 after 4yrs, point being, if you get a card you want on Ebay for cheap on Auction, Congrats, I wouldnt feel bad about it! :)
  7. Nope, can't say I feel bad at all.
  8. pwolantern

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    I have never once felt bad about it, sometimes I get a good deal and sometimes I over pay for things. I figure that they just balance each other out.
  9. Cool_Hand_Flash

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    Short and sweet: nope, never :)
  10. Nope, if the seller wanted more they'd have put a higher minimum on it. And I always use the 'Best Offer' option if it's available. I've been surprised from time to time how low an offer the seller will accept. And besides, worst that can happen is the say 'No".