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  1. So today is both Allen & Ginter day and Inception day. Both boxes run about the same price but I can only afford one at the moment. What to do, what to do. Been looking forward to A&G for a while now but Inception has some SWEET hits in it. I am pretty sure I'm leaning toward A&G just because of the fact that I can milk the break for a good half hour as opposed to opening the one pack of 7 cards that comes in Inception. But Inception's so incredible-looking!

    Ugh, I need more monies!!!
  2. franklinguy52

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    Personally, I would do the Allen & Ginter, but I am more into baseball and the Cowboys are not represented well in the product. Both offer 3 hits, but A&G will yeild more variation and small hit cards. But, with all of that said, Inception does look sweet!
  3. Yeah, it's definitely a tough call. :) I am a set builder though, not just a hit searcher so A&G appeals to me on that level. But the excitement of "the big hit" always looms. I think I'll go A&G. My LCS owner said he had plenty of both so it's not like he'll run out of either any time soon. There's always next payday, right? :)
  4. Mike

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    Nice choice Christian! I'm primarily a football collector, but I've always enjoyed the look and number of variations from A&G. In fact, there was a time when I was attempting to collect all of the non-baseball mini sets. Oh how I do love those minis!
  5. Cool_Hand_Flash

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    I'd go Inception.. wonder why ? :P

    Looking forward to your break Christian :)