Deciding a major for college?

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  1. Wha is it that you guys chose to study and what was the reason you did it?
    I have it narrowed down to 3-4 but just can't seem to come to a decision. What else could help me with my cuisines and such..
    As for my options that I like:

    Computer graphics designing
    Computer programming
    Something with art

    Already posted this on blowout and had a lot of comments that helped me out
  2. I've gone back to school so many times, I literally started to feel dumber as if it was starting to have the opposite effect. That said, here are some lessons I learned (and continue to learn):

    1) Figure out what kind of job you would love to do even if you didn't get paid for it. Pursue a degree that will help you obtain that job.
    2) Be prepared to change your mind and your major anywhere from 1-14 times, depending on how much your mood and environment changes.
    3) If you're interested in a major but not sure if it's for you, try to sneak in an elective in that field. If after that term you still love it, jump on it!

    When I was fresh out of high school, I wanted to major in Sociology. That changed to Public Relations. That changed to Nursing. That changed to Social Work. I haven't been in school in many years but if and when I go back, if you were to ask me today, I'd probably pursue Human Resources. During each of these points in my life, I was in a different place. Different things were going on that were pointing me in different directions. This is a lesson on how not to do it because here I am at my age without a degree. lol

    Wait ... that statement just basically told you to ignore everything I've said so far. Hmmmm

    Stay in school.

    *edit* Oh one more thing. If you think you want to live somewhere else, research the job markets in that place. There's nothing worse than pursuing a degree and then going somewhere where that degree doesn't help much in your job hunt.
  3. Thank you for that post, the lessons you learned were posted on my thread on Bo about ten times haha.
    Yeah, I know I may regret some of these, but have done them all throughout high school and still do it even though I'm out and enjoy it still. I think I'm going to midlands tech this year and taking core classes than going to try and transfer to university of south Carolina next year and choose a major than, just looking for help
  4. For sure and my perspective was very generic to your situation. A little more direct of an answer might be ...

    You can always find work in computer programming. It can also take many forms (mobile apps, specializing in particular languages, etc).

    Design is a profession that people who are in it seem to love but I notice there's a lot of freelance work involved quite often which also leads to unstable income. This isn't always the case obviously but just something I've notice.

    I know nothing about Architecture or Engineering but I don't see how you could really go wrong with either one.

    As for art, you definitely have talent so choosing a major in which you could incorporate that talent is something I'd definitely recommend.

    I know it's not much more info. I'm just spewing out some words in my half-awake state.
  5. Gaha well thank you