Dbacks Mailday!

Discussion in 'Show and Tell' started by DbaxFanAJ, Jul 19, 2012.

  1. Got a few nice cards in my mailbox today from LiveCaseBreak - including three that were opened by Diamondbacks pitcher Brad Ziegler as the guest breaker!

    (That's his jersey number!)



    (This one's #11/199... so close to his jersey number!)
  2. And am I crazy, or does that Triple Threads card have the perfect space for me to get an in-person auto? Should I do it?
  3. franklinguy52

    franklinguy52Mr. Baseball Staff Member

    Don't know if I would, with it being numbered to 27, but it would look nice right there.
  4. duuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuude, that triple threads is SWEET! i officially dislike you for the next 10 minutes. :)
  5. Haha... Brad Ziegler pulled it for me... I'm not complaining! lol
  6. Mike

    MikeThrow Up The X! Staff Member

    Very cool hits Andrew! Also, if that TTT was PC and never going to be moved, I'd try to get it signed. I think it'd mean a lot more to the ol' PC that way, but that's just me. Even if you don't, it's still a very sweet card!
  7. pwolantern

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    Great stuff, that TTT is sweet!
  8. Thanks, y'all!
  9. Cool_Hand_Flash

    Cool_Hand_FlashI might be crazy.. Proof: I'm the co-owner.

    Very nice mail :)