Trading David Wilson rc's

Discussion in 'Football Card Buy/Sell/Trade' started by James DeBusk, Jun 23, 2013.

  1. looking for David Wilson cards I don't have.
    I have these David Wilson rc's up for trade(all 2012 rookie cards).
    Topps Turkey Red #10
    Score Glossy x2 #244
    Panini Prizm #210
    Topps Strata x2 #122
    Topps Strata Retail #122
    Topps Platinum Die-Cut #PDC-DW
    Topps Prime Retail #137
    Topps Base #289
    Topps Chrome #189
    Topps Magic #169
    Topps Magic Mini #169
    Topps Migic Rookie Enchantment #RE-DW
    Topps Chrome 1984 x2 #7
    Topps Chrome 1957 #21
    Topps Red 1957 #21
    Bowman Base#153
    Bowman Gold #153
    Topps Platinum Base #106
    Topps Platinum Orange #106
    Topps Platinum Refractor #106
  2. okay...maybe I'm asking too much,wanting David Wilson's in return...If anyone sees something from the trade list,let me know and we'll go from there
  3. it doesn't hafta be rookie cards,I'll trade rookies for 2013 just has to be a fair deal...
  4. I have his topps chrome rc
  5. Thank you very much for responding.Unfortunately , I already own one...Have a great great day my friend :)
  6. Sure thing let me look n see what else I have of is I know I have a couple inserts no where I can get peyton mannings 98 sp authentic rc
  7. I would keep checking back with e-bay.Other than that,I wouldn't know other than browse the internet for card shops and make an offer.
  8. Ok thank you