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  1. So I'll keep all of my mail days in one thread from now on, starting with today.

    Bought into an Inception case break on LCB last week and only ended up with a Fitzgerald base and a Beanie Wells base. No use scanning those. You've all seen them before. :)

    But today was an exciting mail day for me as I got something from eBay that I was waiting for. Pretty happy about it so without further ado:


    1960 Topps Sandy Koufax

    It's not in the best condition but not horrible by any means. Definitely worth more than I paid for it. Great addition to my new SK PC. Stay tuned for future mail days! :D
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    Sweet one Christian :)
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    That is a great way really get your Koufax collection going!
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    Very nice!
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    Very nice break!
  6. Just wanted to show a better view of the dual auto. Pretty excited about it. :)

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    That is a sweet dual, it may have a chance at COTM! Bundy is going to be sick, if he continues at his current pace!
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    That is a great looking dual.. very nice :)
  9. Hey guys, had a two package mail day today. Some amazing stuff. I might have posted about it before ... about my Triple Threads Bengals hits at LiveCaseBreak a couple weekends ago and they came in today. You can check out the video on my YouTube if you really want to but I'll put the pictures here.

    First of all, Ron (aka everyjeter on Twitter and at LiveCaseBreak) sent me a nice package of some Upton and Koufax base cards and inserts and also included this beaut to add to my PC:


    THANKS, RON!!!

    Then I got my mail day from the 2011 Triple Threads break which was done by Brad Zeigler of the AZ Diamondbacks. bradkcincy, you're gonna love this! I pulled the Bengals in the random and arguably had the best hits of the case. Okay, okay, no 1/1's but ... still, I did awesome. So without further ado ...

    Andre Caldwell jersey - 32/36

    Andy Dalton jersey - 18/36

    Andy Dalton jersey - 11/27

    A.J. Green jersey auto - 09/90

    and ...

    A.J. Green Triple jersey auto - 7/9

    I'm a little bummed that the little pieces of the N in the jersey spot are a little funked up but I'm not complaining. I mean, it's a gorgeous card regardless! Definitely a great break for me!