Case Breaks Coming Soon January 2019, Big Football Break Fan

Trying to get my name out there, i look forward to doing football breaks most of all, vintage and new products.

Small time breaker here. Live sports card box and case breaks coming soon, January 2019! Don’t miss out, go to to make an account and get emails on upcoming breaks and sales! Sign up with an account! If you have any questions, ask and ill get you answer. I am still putting some final touches on my website, if you have suggestions or things you want to see available that you may not get somewhere else, let me know. I look forward to breaking with everyone.
I would like to add a cool note, for the month of January all breaks that i do i will random off multiple auto/RPA and memorabilia from my own personal collection for my grand opening. First break will have an elusive ink gold Rob Ninkovich #10 out of 25, and more.
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