carson palmer!

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  1. looking for any carson palmer cards thank you! will also take any shipleys!
  2. game used jersey cards:
    2009 playoff absolute memorabilia jon beason tools of the trade pro bowl 64/250
    2007 sp rookie threads brian leonard (gold trim) 60/150
    2009 upper deck matt ryan game day gear
    2008 playoff absolute memorabilia chris johnson star gazing 125/250
    2008 playoff absolute memorabilia jonathan stewart rookie jersey collection
    2011 playoff absolute memorabilia marcell dareus rookie jersey collection
    2008 gridiron gear roydell williams X 36/100
    2011 playoff absolute memorabilia greg little war room
    2011 rookie and stars bilal powell studio rookies 291/299
    2006 turkey red michael clayton
    2006 spx jerious norwood winning materials
    2007 upper deck ted ginn jr rookie jersey
    (2) 2006 upper deck vernon davis rookie futures
    2006 upper deck leon washington future star materials
    2006 spx charlie whitehurst winning materials
    2011 topps rr gabe carimi RC patch 1005/1074
    2006 spx lendale white winning materials
    2007 sp troy smith rookie threads
    2004 fleer sweet sigs joey harrington gridiron heroes 57/230

    2008 upper deck lavelle hawkins star rookie 1/10
    2006 leaf and rookies claude wroten rookie67/125
    2010 sage blair white
    2007 donruss classics brandon siler RC 633/999
    2008 upper deck aqib talib RC signature shots
    2007 topps legedu naanee RC
    2007 topps co-signers chansi stuckey RC
    2009 topps chrome derrick williams RC
    2004 bowman chrome matt mauck RC
    2007 topps luke getsy RC
    2009 hit curtis painter RC
    2006 upper deck reggie mcneal RC
    2002 bowmans best wendell bryant RC
    2002 bowmans best brandon doman RC

    graded cards
    2009 score knowshon moreno RC graded 10
    2009 score mark sanchez RC graded 10
  3. Packers..
    2007 topps aaron kampman
    2009 topps national chicle RC
    2007 topps brett favre flight to 420(14,361,122,335,1)
    2007 topps brette favre
    2009 upper deck first edition aj hawk
    2008 playoff prestige brian brohm RC
    2007 upper deck brette favre
    2011 absolute memorabilia jermichael finley
    2011 score clay matthews complete players
    2010 topps nick barnett
    2010 topps donald driver
    2008 topps nick barnett
    2006 upper deck donald driver
    2011 score aaron rodgers (wax)
    2009 topps chrome aaron rodgers
    2010 topps prime bryan bulaga RC
    2008 donruss gridiron gear aaron rodgers
    2010 topps bryan bulaga RC
    2009 upper deck aaron rodgers
    2008 bowman greg jennings
    2007 topps charles woodson
    1990 fleer ken ruettgers
    2009 topps chrome aaron kampman
    2011 topps chrome randall cobb RC
    2008 press pass jordy nelson
    2008 topps jermichael finley RC
    2009 topps clay matthews RC
    2009 upper deck donald driver
    2009 topps chrome brandon underwood RC
    2009 upper deck ryan grant
    2010 rs donald driver
    2011 topps rr jermichael finely
    2009 upper deck charles woodson
    2011 topps rr charles woodson
    2010 topps chrome ryan grant(orange refractor)
    2008 topps patrick lee RC
    2006 upper deck javon walker rookie flashback
    2006 topps cory rodgers RC
    2007 fleer ultra brett favre
    2009 sp threads aaron rodgers
    2008 topps chrome brian brohm RC
    2007 topps aaron rouse RC
    2005 upperdeck brett favre(nfl foundations)
    2010 gridiron gear clay matthews
    2008 upper deck brett favre
    2009 classic donald driver
    2010 topps prime aaron rodgers
    2009 gridiron gear aaron rodgers
    2007 upper deck donald driver
    2006 topps total will blackmon RC
    2010 epix aaron rodgers
    2011 score alex green RC
    2007 topps clarl harris RC(WAX)
    2007 topps david clowney RC
    2011 score davon house RC
    2010 score james starks RC
    2011 rs derek sherrod RC
    2010 topps unrivaled greg jennings
    2010 topps classic match ups favre vs packers
    2009 upper deck aaron rodgers
    2011 topps rr alex green RC
    2010 classics aaron rodgers
    2008 score select mason crosby
    2008 upper deck icons aaron rodgers
    2010 topps morgan burnett RC
    2010 topps aaron rodgers
    2009 press pass bj raji RC
    2005 upper deck kickoff brett favre
    2011 absolute aaron rodgers
    2011 score aaron rodgers
    2009 gridiron gear aaron rodgers
    2011 topps john kuhn
    2011 gridiron gear aaron rodgers
  4. here are the eagles...
    2007 upper deck kevin kolb RC
    2006 topps total jason avant RC
    2010 topps jermey maclain
    2010 epix lesean mccoy
    2010 epix ricky sapp RC
    2010 epix desean jackson
    2011 topps eagles team card
    2011 rs lesean mccoy
    2010 topps chrome desean jackson(Refractor)
    2009 press pass jermey maclain/chase daniel teammates
    2010 absolute memorabila lesean mccoy
    2009 topps chrome victor harris RC (refractor)
    2009 upper deck icons desean jackson
    2007 topps kevin curtis
    2009 topps chrome asante samuel
    2009 press pass lesean mccoy RC
    2009 press pass lesean mccoy collegiates leaders
    2010 topps prime lesean mccoy
    2011 panini threads desean jackson star factor
    2009 topps chrome brian westbrook
    2010 score leonard weaver gold zone 155/299
    2009 score jermey maclain RC
    2009 upper deck cornelius ingram RC
    2010 topps platinum riley cooper RC
    2010 topps chrome jermey maclin
    2011 topps rr lesean mccoy
    2009 topps kickoff comic jermey maclain
    2006 aspire jason avant RC
    2006 hit jason avant RC
    2006 fleer ultra donovan mcnabb postsean performers
    2009 mayos cut plugs asante samuel (gold trim)
    2005 leaf rookie and stars sean considine RC
    2011 score jermey maclain(wax)
    2009 topps chrome donovan mcnabb
    2009 topps chrome brian westbrook(orange refractor) 148/649
    2010 topps chrome kevin kolb(refractor)
    2011 topps chrome jermey maclain
    2010 topps chrome brandon graham RC
    2010 topps brandon graham RC
    2010 charles scott RC
    2008 score desean jackson hot rookies
    2010 topps prime riley cooper RC
    2009 press pass lesean mccoy RC (blue foil)
    2009 upper deck donovan mcnabb star attractions
    2009 press pass lesean mccoy college leaders(blue foil)
    2009 sp threads cornellius ingran RC
    2010 topps chrome mike kafka RC
    2008 upper deck trevor laws RC
  5. steelers...
    2011 topps legends mike wallace(thick card)
    2011 topps legends ben rothlisberger
    2009 upper deck icons hines ward
    2005 leaf and rookies jerome bettis
    2011 score mike wallance
    2007 score ryan mcbean RC
    2008 gridiron gear hines ward
    2009 threads ben rothlisberger
    2011 topps lamarr woodley
    2011 score lawarence timmons
    2011 topps chrome curtis brown RC
    2008 upper deck ben rothlisberger starquest
    2011 topps chrome hines ward
    2011 score brett keisel
    2009 sp james harrison
    2010 epix ben rothlisberger
    2011 topps chrome ben rothlisberger
    2009 topps chrome troy polamalu
    1990 pro set rod woodson
    2010 topps rashard mendenhall( college to pro picture card)
    2010 topps prime emmanuel saunders
    2010 bowman chrome jonathan dwyer RC
    2010 absolute memorablia jonathan dwyer star gazing
    2008 topps rashard mendenhall RC
    2006 topps santonio holmes RC
    2007 bowman chrome matt spaeth RC
    2007 topps matt spaeth RC
    2010 classic terry,mel,l.c.,rod classic quads
    2007 topss lawarenc timmons RC
    2008 hit rashard mendenhall RC
    2008 score dennis dixon RC
    2008 topps mayo limas sweed RC
    2008 topps rocky bleier (hr-rb)
    2008 score willie parker the franchise
    2008 topps bruce davis RC
    2008 topps chrome dwight white super bowl ix
    1991 upper deck rod woodson
    score 2008 selesct willie parker the fanchise 180/999
    2006 topps terry bradshaw topps true champion
    2006 topps willie reid RC
    2010 press pass jonathan dwyer/derrick morgan gt teammates
    2009 sp ben roethlisberger
    2008 topps dennis dixon RC
    2007 score lawrence timmons scorecard 166/750
    2007 topps dallas baker RC
    2010 press pass jonathan dwyer RC (blue foil)
    2011 score lawrence timmons(wax)
    2010 hit jonathan dwyer RC
    2009 topps national chicle willie parker
    2009 topps chrome santonio holmes ring of honor
    2011 score scorecard cameron heywaed
    2010 topps prime mike wallace RC
    2011 topps rr curtis brown
    2011 absolute memorabilia mike wallance
    2009 topps mike wallance RC
    1990 pro set terry bradshaw super bowl xiii mvp
    1990 fleer greg lloyd
    2011 score ben roethlisberger
    2009 upper deck keenan lewis RC
    2010 topps unrivaled rashard mendenhall
    2008 upper deck franco harris football heros
    2010 topps maurkice pouncey RC
    2006 topps ring of honor hines ward
  6. vikings...
    2009 topps chrome jared allen
    2009 topps chrome adrian peterson
    2009 rs adrian peterson
    2009 upper deck phil loadholt RC
    1989 topps wade wilson
    2010 topps prime brett favre
    2008 topps kevin williams
    2010 topps sidney rice unrivaled
    2008 score visanthe shiancoe(wax)and regular
    2008 topps stadium tavaris jackson
    2007 upper deck ryan longwell
    2010 epix brett favre
    2007 score tarvaris jackson
    2008 topps chrome bernard berrian
    2007 score rufus alexander RC
    2007 topps marcus mccauley RC
    2008 topps jared allen
    2008 topps tyrell johnson RC
    2007 score e.j. henderson(scorecard) 647/750
    2009 topps phil loadholt RC
    2007 topps prescott burgess RC
    2011 score christian ponder RC
    2007 topps adrian peterson RC
    2010 topps chrome toby gerhart (refractor)
    2010 topps prime toby gerhart RC
    2011 score kyle rudolph RC(wax)
    2009 upper deck percey harvin draft 2009 RC
    2009 press pass percy harvin banner season
    2011 topps rr adrian peterson
    2009 press pass percy harvin RC
    2008 score maurice hicks (select)
    2008 upper deck adrian peterson starquest(blue)(grey)
    2010 topps chrome adrian peterson
    2009 topps chrome asher allen RC(refractor)
    2009 prss pass percey harvin game breakers
    1919 upper deck anthony carter
    2010 topps brett favre2007 score tavaris jackson(wax)
    2011 score sidney rice(wax)
    2010 topps chrome percy harvin/dexter mccluster gridiron lineage
    2010 score chad greenway
    2009 upper deck ian johnson RC
    2010 press pass toby gerhart all conference
    2010 topps chrome adrian peterson (refractor)
    2011 topps rr brandon burton RC
    2011 topps kyle rudolph RC
    2011 topps rr christian ballard RC
    2009 topps chrome tarvaris jackson
    2010 topps toby gerhart RC
    2010 topps brett favre peak performance
    2010 topps adrian peterson unrivaled
    2010 topps everson griffen RC
  7. giants..
    2011 topps chrome da rel scott RC (refractor) traded!
    2009 press pass hakeem nicks RC collegiate leaders(blue foil)
    2009 topps chrome hakeem nicks RC
    2009 upper deck hakeem nicks RC
    2011 score mario manningham
    2011 score ahmad bradshaw (wax) and regular
    2011 score jerrel jernigan RC traded!
    2007 bowman ahmand bradshaw RC traded!
    2011 topps eli manning game day
    2011 score greg jones (wax)
    2007 topps steve smith RC
    2009 press pass mario manningham RC reflectors (blue foil)
    2010 press pass pe jason pierre-paul RC
    2009 upper deck draft edition hakeem nicks RC
    2010 prestige jason pierre-paul RC traded!
    2010 topps jason pierre-paul RC
    2009 upper deck eli manning
    2008 upper deck terrell thomas RC
    2007 upper deck michael strahan
    2011 topps rr jerrel jernigan RC
    2011 topps hakeem nicks
    2011 topps rr justin tuck
    2007 leaf rookies and stars eli manning
    2006 upper deck eli manning top 25 fantasy
    2010 topps phillip dillard RC
    2007 bowman chrome aaron ross RC
    2010 topps steve smith unrivaled
    2010 topps brandon jacobs unrivaled
    2010 topps chrome chad jones RC
    2010 topps chrome linval joseph RC traded!
    2010 classic eli manning
    2005 topps 50 years eli manning
    1990 fleer ottis anderson
    2009 score ramses barden RC
    2008 topps kenny phillips RC traded!
    2006 upper deck star rookies sinorice moss RC
    2008 topps chrome eli manning ring of honor
    2008 topps andre woodson RC
    2006 upper deck tiki barber all team
    2009 topps chrome kevin boss
    1990 pro set mike fox RC
    2009 upper deck william beatty RC
    2008 topps chrome plaxico burress super bowl xlii
    2009 topps chrome rhett bomar RC
    2009 topps chrome brandon jacobs(orange refractor) 124/649
    2009 sp threads eli manning
    2011 topps chrome hakeem nicks
    2009 sp threads andre brown RC
    2011 threads sam huff heritage collection
  8. ravens..
    2008 upper deck ray rice RC
    2011 topps chrome torrey smith RC (refractor)
    2011 topps chrome tyrod taylor RC (orange refractor)
    2008 score joe flacco RC
    2008 upper deck tom zbikowski RC
    2011 topps rr torrey smith RC
    2008 upper deck ray lewis
    2010 topps prime david reed RC
    2010 topps ray lewis unrivaled
    2009 upper deck willis mcgahee speed to burn
    2007 bowman prescott burgess RC
    2011 score ray lewis millenium men
    2010 topps joe flacco unrivaled (gold) 89/499
    2011 score joe flacco
    2010 topps platinum joe flacco
    2010 topps ray rice college to pro picture card
    2010 topps david reed RC
    2010 topps chrome ray lewis
    2009 topps chrome joe flacco
    2009 topps chrome ed reed
    2010 topps joe flacco
    2011 topps tyrod taylor RC
    2007 score ray lewis gold zone102/600
    2010 rs joe flacco
    2011 topps rr tandon doss RC
    2009 topps kickoff ed reed 664/2009
    2008 topps chrome ed reed (blue refractor)
    2008 topps mayo ray lewis mini card
    2007 topps total troy smith RC
    2011 topps anthony allen RC
    2008 topps retro rookie ray rice
    2011 score ed reed (wax)
    2011 topps chrome ray lewis (orange refractor)
    2008 topps chrome willis mcgahee (refractor)
    2006 topps total demetrius williams RC
    2011 topps ray lewis game day
    2010 topps chrome ray lewis rookie look
    2011 score torrey smith RC
    2010 topps chrome ray rice
    2010 topps chrome sergio kindle RC
    2006 topps p.j. daniels RC
    2009 topps chrome ray lewis
  9. cowboys..
    2010 topps chrome sean lee RC traded!
    2010 topps prime sean lee RC
    2010 topps chrome tony romo
    2010 gridiron gear tony romo
    2009 gridiron gear tony romo
    2007 leaf rookies and stars tony romo
    2010 hit dez bryant
    2010 press pass pe dex bryant
    2010 topps troy aikman/tony romo gridiron gear
    2006 topps troy aikman true champion
    2008 topps leon lett supe rbowl xxvii
    2007 topps anthony spencer RC
    2006 topps bobby carpenter RC
    2007 topps isaiah stanback RC
    2011 score dez bryant
    2008 topps mike jenkins
    2009 score marion barber 3 the franchise
    2008 score felix jones RC
    2011 rs dwayne harris RC
    2011 topps tyron smith RC
    2009 upper deck michael hamlin RC
    2009 upper deck deangelo smith RC
    1990 fleer jim jeffcoat
    2007 upper deck laurent robinson RC
    2011 gridiron gear dwayne harris RC
    2008 upper deck terrell owens starquest (blue)
    2008 upper deck tony romo starquest (blue)
    2008 upper deck felix jones RC
    2009 hit stephen mcgee RC
    2009 topps stephen mcgee RC
    2010 topps sean lee RC
    2011 score demarcus ware in the zone
    2011 topps chrome miles austin
    2011 score miles austin gold zone
    2011 score jason witten complete players
    2010 topps tony dorsett
    2010 topps randy moss/dez bryant gridiron gear
    2008 score mike jenkins RC
    2010 rs dez bryant RC
    2010 topps dez bryant unrivaled RC 165/299 traded!
    2011 score dwayne harris RC
    2010 topps chrome emmitt smith/ ladainian tomlinson gridiron gear
  10. patriots....
    2006 fleer ultra tom brady (gold background)
    2005 leaf rookies and stars tom brady
    2009 score brandon tate RC
    2006 upper deck tom brady
    2007 topps tom brady
    2006 upper deck tom brady all team
    2008 topps tom brady (tom brady tribute)tb1,tb13,tb15,tb16
    2011 rs tom brady
    2009 upper deck tom brady
    2009 topps chrome wes welker c75
    2009 topps chrome wes welker
    2011 topps nate solder RC
    2010 topps chrome jermaine cunningham RC
    2011 topps tom brady record breaker
    2011 score shane vereen RC gold zone
    2010 topps brandon spikes RC
    1990 fleer steve grogan
    2011 prestige tom brady
    2011 score jerod mayo (wax)
    2010 epix tom brady
    2008 gridiron gear tom brady
    2010 topps taylor price RC
    2011 toppssteven ridley RC
    2011 score tom brady
    2010 topps jermaine cunningham RC
    2009 topps chrome brandon tate RC
    2008 absolute memorabilia shawn crable RC 651/799
    2006 topps total david thomas RC
    2011 score ras-i dowling RC (wax)
    2009 upper deck sebastian vollmer RC
    2009 upper deck ron brace RC
    2011 score shane vereen hot rookies (wax)
    2011 topps rr shane vereen RC
    2010 topps chrome devin mccourtney RC
    2011 topps chrome shane vereen RC finest freshman
    2011 topps rr ryan mallett RC
    2010 press pass aaron hernandez RC (blue foil)
    2009 topps chrome darius butler RC
    2008 absolute memorabilia tom brady red spectrum
    2008 topps terrence wheatley RC
    2008 topps kevin oconnell RC
    2006 topps total tom brady total production
    2010 topps prime taylor price RC
    2008 topps jerod mayo RC
    2011 topps rr ras-i dowlingRC
    2008 bowman kevin oconell RC gold
  11. jaguars...
    2009 topps chrome eugene monroe RC
    2007 score maurice jones drew franchise
    2005 leaf rookies and stars scott starks RC
    2009 topps mayojarett dillard RC gold trim
    2006 upper deck maurice jones drew RC
    2008 gridiron gear chauncey washington RC 835/999
    2009 topps rashad jennings RC
    2009 topps chrome rashad jennings RC
    2008 upper deck quentin groves RC
    2011 topps blaine gabbert/jones drew faces of the franchise
    2011 topps chrome blaine gabbert RC
    2008 upper deck chauncey washington RC
    2010 grisiron gear tyson alualu (o) 158/250
    2008 absolute memorabilia reggie williams red spectrum
    2011 score cecil shorts 3 RC
    2006 topps total marcedes lewis RC
    2011 topps rr cecil shorts 3 RC
    2007 bowman lester ricard RC
  12. 49ers...
    2009 topps chrome scott mckillop RC (refractor)
    2007 topps jason hill RC
    1990 fleer charles hailey
    2009 topps chrome patrick willis
    2010 topps chrome patrick willis
    2006 press pass vernon davis big number die cut
    2008 threads josh morgan RC 178/350
    2008 topps josh morgan RC
    2011 topps rr colin kaepernick RC
    2011 topps rr aldon smith RC
    2011 score kendall hunter RC
    2005 topps alex smith RC
    2007 upper deck patrick willis RC
    2009 upper deck 1983 draft class roger craig/darrell green/jim kelly
    2007 score frank gore franchise
    2005 press pass alex smith RC (blue foil)
    1991 collectors choice jerry rice flash 80
    2006 hit vernon davis RC
    2009 threads frank gore centry stars
    2006 topps total michael robinsonRC blue trim
    2007 topps thomas clayton RC
    2008 topps charles hailey super bowl xxiii
    2009 upper deck nate davis RC
    2009 topps mayo patrick williis mini card
    2006 topps brandon williams RC
    2008 topps roge rcraig super bowl xix
    2009 topps nate davis RC
    2010 topps taylor mays RC
    2009 topps chrome frank gore
    1990 pro set steve young
    2007 bowman chrome thomas clyaton RC
    2010 topps chrome anthony dixon RC
    2010 topps anthony davis RC
    2011 topps rr ronald johnson RC
    2009 topps chrome vernon davis
    2010 rs anthony davis RC
    2009 press pass michael crabtree RC (blue foil)
    2007 score jason hill RC
    2009 sp threads roger craig die cut
    2011 sscore frank gore in the zone
  13. saints...
    2007 score antonio pittman RC
    2008 upper deck adrian arrington RC
    2011 topps chrome cameron jordan RC (orange refractor)
    2007 bowman tyler palko RC
    2006 topps mike hass RC
    2001 press pass drew brees RC
    2006 topps reggie bush RC
    2011 topps chrome mark ingram RC
    2008 absolute memorabilia tracy porter RC 673/799
    2010 absolute memorabilia marques colston RED spectrum
    2011 topps martez wilson RC
    2009 topps chrome marques colston
    2010 topps drew brees RC
    2010 epix patrick robinson RC
  14. redskins...
    2011 topps rr aldrick robinson RC
    2011 topps rr miles paul RC
    2011 score evan royster RC (wax)
    2010 topps chrome santana moss
    2010 topps trent williams RC
    2008 leaf rookies and stars devin thomas RC studio rookies 97/500
    2011 topps rr leonard hankerson RC
    2010 hit navorro bowman RC
    2006 fleer ultra chris cooley gold back ground
    2011 threads jarvis jenkins RC
    2010 press pass navorro bowman RC
    2006 upper deck clinton portis top 25 fantasy
    2008 topps devin thomas RC
    2008 topps mayo malcom kelly RC
    2008 topps hall of fame art monk
    1990 score mark rypien hot gun
  15. bills.....
    2010 topps c.j. spiller RC
    2011 score marcell dareus RC
    2010 topps prime c.j. spiller RC
    2010 hit c.j. spiller RC
    2005 topps total ryan fitzpatrick RC
    2007 score trent edwards RC
    2008 topps leodis mckelvin RC
    2006 upper deck donte whitner RC
    2010 topps chrome thurman thomas/c.j. spiller gridiron gear
    2009 upper deck jairus byrd RC
    2008 score paul posluszny (select)
    2010 topps torell troup RC
    2011 score ryan fitzpatrick (wax)
    2007 fleer ultra lee evans ultra star
    2010 topps chrome torell troup RC
    2010 topps levi brown RC
    2007 topps paul posluszny RC
    2010 press pass pe c.j. spiller
    2009 upper deck nic harris RC
    2006 topps total ko simpson RC
    2010 topps prime ed wang RC
    2008 topps chrome lee evans
    2010 topps chrome ed wang (orange refractor)
    1994 action packe MAMMOTH jim kelly