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Even though I’m a football guy mainly, I recognize a lot of the bkb and bb names. Nice stuff man!


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On Monday 23 Apr 2018 I got two small packages from two Ebay BINs I think one was a small bubble mailer the other was one of those flat small photo envelopes. Both contained one Topps Now card. They are Non-Sport/Politics cards. They share a common theme.

Package 1: Ebay $5.99 + $4.49 shipping
2017 Topps Now: 308 Cubs Present No. 45 Jersey to President Trump.

Package 2: Ebay $6.25 + $1.35 shipping
2018 Topps Now: ST-9 Astros Present Noumber 17 Jersey to President Trump. Oddly this card has no description on the back just another photo during the visit as the background.


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ON Wed 02 May 2018 I got a single card small envelope from a Sportlots auction for opening 25¢ bid plus ugh $3.90 shipping
1987 O-Pee-Chee Baseball:320 Barry Bonds Pirates


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Saturday 05 May 2018 Two envelopes two cards

package 1: Sportlots auction opening bid 25¢ +$3.05 shipping
1961 Topps Baseball 414 Dick Donovan Senators

package 2: Ebay BIN 1 card $5.99 Free Shipping
2018 Topps Now Baseball: 86 Bryce Harper Nationals Broken Bat Homer


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ON Monday 07 May 2018 I got a two card PWE from Sportlots 1 dealer 2 auctions both were the opening bid of 25¢ + $3.60 shipping for the 2 cards.

1959 Topps Baseball: 476 Cleveland Indians Team Card checklist on back unmarked. Seller mistakenly had card listed as 1971 Topps but had proper image for '59 Indian team card. I gambled that the card shown would be the one sent. I was almost expecting the 1971 Indians team card. Card #476 for 1971 Topps Baseball would have been Dal Maxvill Cardinals.

1978 O-Pee-Chee Baseball: 135 Gary Carter Expos


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On Wednesday 09 May 2018 got a small package paper envelope from Joey the Broncos guy in the SCF Football Team Traders group. He sent 30 Rams cards. I'm sending out 30 Broncos to him Saturday.
1993 Fleer GameDay Football: Tall Boys
122 Willie "Flipper" Anderson
267 Jackie Slater
469 Jim Everett
1989 Topps Football: 218 - 1988 NFL Ruceiving Leaders Henry Ellard Rams, Al Toon Jets
1990 Fleer Football: 43 Tom Newberry
1990 Pro Set Football: 392 - 1990 Pro Bowl Kevin Greene
1990 Score Football: 179 Pete Holohan
1990 Topps Football: 1000 Yard Club: 6 Henry Ellard
1991 Fleer Football: 271 Mike Lansford
1991 Pro Set Football: 555 Mike Piel
1991 Pro Set Platinum Football: 296 Todd Lyght
1991 Fleer Ultra Football: 287 Cleveland Gary
1991 Wild Card Football: NFL Premier Edition: 152 Henry Ellard
1992 Pro Set Power Football: 207 Jim Everett
1993 Upper Deck Football: 470 Darryl Henley
1994 Upper Deck Collector's Choice Football:194 Roman Phifer
1994 Topps Football: 1994 Draft Pick: 485 Brad Ottis
1995 Pinnacle Football: X's and O's:160 Chris Miller - ACK this is from the Club Collection not the regular base set. No indication it is a special set what so frackin' ever.
1995 Fleer Ultra Football: Gold Medallion Edition: 279 Anthony Newman
1995 Upper Deck Collector's Choice Football:161 Chris Miller
1996 Fleer Skybox Impact Football: Rookie Sleeper 121 Isaac Bruce
1996 Fleer Ultra Football: 133 Sean Gilbert
1997 Fleer II: Goudey Series Football: green back 112 Tony Banks
2000 Topps Football: 288 Dexter McLeon
2000 Upper Deck Victory Football: 154 Todd Lyght
2001 Donruss Leaf Quantum Leaf Football:169 Marshall Faulk
2001 Upper Deck Victory Football: 283 Joe Germaine
2003 Score Football: 253 Torry Holt
2004 Topps Total Football: 165 Torry Holt
2006 Topps Football: 272 Steven Jackson
2007 Fleer Ultra Football: 183 Drew Bennett Rams shown in Titans Uniform
2008 Sage Hit Football: 19 Keenan Burton Kentucky Wildcats. No frackin' mention of being drafted by the Rams the only team he played for it seems.
2012 Prestige Football: 183 Brandon Gibson
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On Saturday 12 May 2018 I got a greeting card envelope with 9 cards in it from TCDB member Joe (NJDevils). He had PMed me to verify he had my address correctly saying he had some cards for me. A few days later the greeting card PWE arrived. There were 9 cards total all Baltimore Orioles from the same Team Issued Set. From the name of the set at Trading Card DataBase these cards were inserts to the game programs though out the season. I'm guessing for their 40th Anniversary in B'More. The cards are perforated and this batch match up to form a 9 card sheet. I'm not 100% sure if they were one of the 9 card combinations but they very well could be.

1994 Baltimore Orioles Program Cards All cards in set are Not Numbered (NNO)
Juan Bautista (slight center crease)
Jim Dedrick
Mike Devereaux
Scott McClain
Feliciano Mercedes
Jamie Moyer
Jose Serra
Larry Shenk
Pedro Ulises


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On Monday 14 May 2018 I got a magazine and a small bubble mailer

Magazine: The Wrapper #313 May 15 - July 7, 2018 Topps 1957 Hit Stars Cover. Envelope has a bunch of typical flag Forever stamps plus one 13 cents US Bicentennial stamp Surrender at Saratoga 1777

Bubble mailer: From SCF Football Team Trader Joshua The Bills Guy. He send 32 Redskins, my first count was 33 a bunch of other counts only 32 I guess my first count I was distracted.
1991 Upper Deck Football:
47 Martin Mayhew
68 Fred Stokes
95 Washington Redskins TC Checklist Art Monk portrait/painting/drawing
278 Charles Mann
280 Mark Rypian
1994 Pacific Collection Football: 398 Chip Lohmiller
1999 Donruss Football:
137 Skip Hicks
138 Michael Westbrook
140 Albert Connell
1999 Skybox Dominion Football: Looks like a Stadium Club design
22 Stephen Alexander
171 Brian Mitchell
173 Michael Westbrook
2000 Fleer Impact Football: 28 Jeff George in Vikings Uniform
2007 Upper Deck Football: 199 Santana Moss
2008 Playoff Prestige Football: 129 Devin Thomas
2009 Donruss Classics Football: 99 Jason Campbell
2014 Score Football: 398 Lahe Seastrunk RC Baylor Uniform
2015 Score Football: Gridiron Heritage: 4 John Riggins
2015 Topps Football:
219 Robert Griffin III
1000 Yard Club: 1KYC-AM Alfred Morris
2016 Absolute Football: 89 Kirk Cousins
2016 Donruss Football: 293 Matt Jones
2016 Playoff Football: 288 Nate Sudfeld
2016 Prestige Football: 199 Jamison Crowder
2017 Contenders Football: 86 Kirk Cousins
2017 Donruss Football:
36 Josh Norman
65 Terrelle Pryor Sr.
161 Jordan Reed
198 Joe Theismann
306 Rated Rookie: Samaje Perine
365 Jeremy Sprinkle
2017 Playoff Football: 183 Joe Theismann


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On Thursday 17 May 2018: Got a single padded mailer from Ebay BIN 1 card $5.99

2017-18 Upper Deck Hockey Young Guns 488 Dylan Ferguson RC Golden Knights

The first of the 2017-18 Upper Deck Vegas Golden Knights Inaugural Season Team set I'm building. I guess I'll eventually try for the OPC set as well. The bulk of this UD set the 12 "common" cards are coming from Canada (for $10.15 which was converted to about $13 Canadian) The other 2 RC cards I have yet to order one of them is in my Sportlots cart. I'm not sure when I'm going to order the bunch of cards I have put on that yet. The other Rookie card I'm watching at COMC Both of those are at about $7 bucks with shipping added I think.