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    I think I will try to keep everything confined to this one thread. The exceptions maybe white whales I need to show or other more than your average PC cards that come on in.

    Today Saturday 14 July 2012:
    I got from ebay a 5 card set of the 1993 Upper Deck Mascot Madness card from the Fun Pack set for $4.00 plus $3.00 postage.
    These five cards have a picture of the mascot on the card and then a hologram picture of the mascot next to the regular picture. On the back there is a brief little bio of the mascot, most of these guys seem to have been "born" (hatched, debuted etc...) in '78 or '79The are pretty neat, but I got really tired of Hologram cards back around this time when they were first beginning (late 80s early 90s) at one time the card makers had an insert or chase set of hologram cards.
    Anyway the checklist of these 5 cards:

    1 Phillie Phanatic Phillies
    2 Pirate Parrot Pirates
    3 Fred Bird Cardinals
    4 BJ Birdy Blue Jays
    5 Youppi Expos (I've seen some hockey cards with Youppi for the Canadians so I think he is still "alive" :))

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    Well, Kirk.. You got me all curious now :lol: I wanna see those mascots! :D
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    Same here
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    OK guys I'll try to get them scanned in the next couple of days. Mind you the hologram part might not scan too well.
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    Scans of fronts of Mascot Madness set added to first post (backs are below this post). There are little white "snow" flecks on the holograms these are actually part of the cards not the scanner, I think they are flaws of the holograms. The middle speck on BJ Bird is the most annoying of them all. sigh

    Here are the backs...

    Someday I will blog about them on my regular CaptKirk42s Trading Cards blog.
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    Cool_Hand_FlashI might be crazy.. Proof: I'm the co-owner.

    Those are pretty dang cool! Nice set Kirk :)
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    Very cool set Kirk
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    Time to reboot this.

    Yesterday Monday 4MAR13

    Sportlots stuff:

    1964 Philadelphia Gum #192 Joe Rutgens Redskins
    1965 Philadelphia Gum #98 Rams Play of The Year

    1954 Bowman #69 Clint Courtney Orioles
    1962 Topps #228 Dale Long Senators
    1963 Topps #517 Hal Woodeshick Colt 45s
    1969 Topps #570 Ron Santo Cubs
    1971 Topps #53 Paul Blair Orioles

    Baseball Group Break from TCC
    2 Bought Teams: Nationals and Orioles

    2012 Bowman Baseball (Rookies and Draft Picks?)
    10 Bryce Harper RC Nationals
    10 Bryce Harper RC Nationals Chrome
    34 Xavier Avery RC Orioles
    34 Xavier Avery RC Orioles Chrome
    45 Wei-Yin Chen RC Orioles
    BDPP2 Kevin Gausman Orioles (2)
    BDPP37 Braden Kline Orioles (2)
    BDPP48 Adrian Marin Orioles
    BDPP61 Lex Rutledge Orioles
    BDPP65 Derek Self Nationals (2)
    BDPP68 Matthew Price Orioles
    BDPP94 Sean McAdams Orioles (2)
    BDPP135 Nicholas Grim Orioles
    BDPP135 Nicholas Grim Orioles Chrome
    BDPP138 Bryan Lippincott Nationals
    BDPP139 Austin Chubb Nationals (2)
    BDPP139 Austin Chubb Nationals Chrome
    BDPP142 Will Hudgins Nationals
    BDPP143 Tommy Richards Orioles
    BDPP150 Hunter Bailey Nationals (2)
    BDPP151 Jake Pintar Orioles
    BDPP153 Mike Mudron Nationals (2)
    BDPP157 Derrick Bleeker Orioles
    BDPP161 Robert Benincasa Nationals
    BDPP162 Craig Manuel Nationals
    Bowman Top Picks
    TP-BG Dylan Bundy Orioles and Kevin Gausman Orioles
    TP-HH Josh Hamilton Rangers and Bryce Harper Nationals
    Prospect Challenge Code Card

    Tease for later:
    From Ebay I'm expecting a trio of vintage baseball cards one of which was a steal (I'll have to scan and post that one ASAP it is that good of a steal.) Free Shipping. According to tracking the package was dropped at the post office Yesterday (Monday 4MAR13), today they departed the original sort facility I'll probably get them Thursday, maybe even tomorrow.
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    Mail on Tuesday 05MAR13:
    I got a single small envelope from sportlots with 3 vintage Orioles goodies
    1957 Topps Baseball
    14 Bob Nieman
    26 Bob Boyd
    43 Connie Johnson

    Dealer included random Free card: 1991 American Sports Monthly 47 Frank Thomas White Sox - I've ordered from this seller many times an it seems each time the free card is an oddball penny valued Frank Thomas card.
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    OK today was a two package day 5 cards. First the 2 cards I got from sportlots as one lot for the starting price of .25¢ + $2.25 for shipping
    1961 Topps Baseball
    185 Herb Score White Sox (the number on the back has some damage and it looked like someone tried to fix it but it looks like it says 195 that is the number the dealer thought it was)
    249 Cincinnati Reds Team Card (looks like I already had this one maybe)

    Now the package I got from Ebay as I teased about in post #8. Three cards bought from the same dealer from their store or as "Buy It Now" auctions. Shipping was FREE so I only paid the card prices.
    1963 Post Cereal Baseball 131 Frank Robinson Reds (No stripes on hat) $12.99
    1964 Topps Baseball 167 Rookie Stars Senators Mike Brumley and Lou Piniella $7.99

    Now for the steal:
    I recently saw a couple of auctions for this card go for a little less than what I paid and I missed bidding on them or was outbid cause I was low-balling a little. This hits close to my upper limits for a card, but for a card like this I might have even gone a little over my top price.

    Here is a scan of the back of the card (which gives away which card it is) but I got a chuckle out of the penny sleeve it was in with the .25¢ price sticker on it. All three of these cards were in toploaders which were taped together for shipping so if I keep them in toploaders they need fresh ones.
    Anyway I got it for $24.99 and in this what I would consider pretty good condition almost very good. In this condition it easily sells for twice or three times what I paid. So I am glad I found one at an affordable price.
    1959 Topps Baseball 550 "Symbol of Courage" Roy Campanella
    Here now is the back without the cheap price sticker:
  11. Love the Campy card, Kirk! It's one of my favorite '59s
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    Thanks for the comments guys.

    Today's Goodies:

    From Sportlots:
    1962 Topps Baseball 98 Checklist 2nd Series cards 89-176 Unmarked .25¢ + $1.00 shipping

    1969 Topps Baseball - 9 cards for .25¢ + $3.00 shipping
    92 Jack Billingham Expos
    119 Doug Rader Astros
    226 Bruce Howard Senators
    360 Jim Wynn Astros
    405 Lee May Reds
    439 White Sox 1969 Rookie Stars Ed Herrmann and Dan Lazar
    444 Joe Moeller Dodgers (seems to be the regular one with his first name in white letters and last name in yellow not the all yellow version)
    445 Bobby Knoop Angels
    446 Claude Raymond Braves

    From Ebay for $14.99 + Free Shipping I got 14 cards. They were shipped in the 9 pocket pages the auction listing shows them in.
    The 1971 Topps Baseball Checklists 1st series to 6th series plus coins checklist ALL UNMARKED. I already had 1st & 2nd Series (card # centered) and the Coins.
    Basically 2 sets but Here is the breakdown:
    54 - 1st Series cards 1-132 - (2) no variations
    161 - Coins Checklist 1-153 - (2) no variations
    123 - 2nd Series cards 133-263 - card number centered on bottom
    123 - 2nd Series cards 133-263 - card number bottom right corner
    206 - 3rd Series cards 264-393 - (2) no variations
    369 - 4th Series cards 394-523 - (2) no variations (both have line on helmet above ear)
    499 - 5th Series cards 524-643 - (2) no variations
    619 - 6th Series cards 644-752 - No Copyright line on bottom
    619 - 6th Series cards 644-752 - Copyright line on bottom
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    ON Friday 08MAR2013 I got a couple of sportlots packages:

    First package Five 1956 Topps Baseball cards for $3.25 + 3.00 shipping (there were a bunch of bids I thought I might end up losing it but ended up winning it)
    66 Bob Speake Cubs
    68 Chuck Stobbs Nationals
    287 Bobby Adams Orioles
    294 Ernie Johnson Braves
    298 Johnny Schmitz Red Sox

    Then got a group of Fifty 1981 Fleer Baseball for .75¢ + $6.00 shipping (yeah high shipping ugh) Some of these I already have but I need to complete these 80s sets. I'll list the numbers for the most part and since the set was organized by team I'll group by teams:

    Phillies: 1 Pete Rose, 3, 4, 8, 9
    Astros: 66
    Yankees: 103
    Dodgers: 114, 115 Dusty Baker, 123, 129
    Expos: 145 Andre Dawson, 146, 155, 166
    Orioles: 181, 184 Eddy Murray, 188, 189
    Red Sox: 221 Carl Yastrzemski, 227, 235, 236, 237, 238, 239, 240
    Barves: 242 Phil Niekro, 244, 245, 246, 247, 248, 249 (2), 250,251, 252
    Angels: 268 Rod Carew, 270
    Cubs: 305
    White Sox: 346
    Pirates: 370
    Indians: 402, 404
    Padres: 488 Ozzie Smith
    Brewers: 515
    Cardinals: 542
    Twins: 557
    Mariners: 596
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    Today Saturday 09MAR2013 I picked up two boxes that had been attempted to be delivered earlier in the week. I also had a large package that somehow fit in my mailbox.

    First Box from Ebay: For $9.99 + $6.50 shipping I got the 2013 Topps baseball Set cards 1-331 (they didn't print a #7 since they designate that card for Mickey Mantle and they didn't make a Mantle Base this year.

    Second box was from sportlots a box that for the most part was a huge Priority Flat rate box filled to the gills with 80s - 90s cards mostly later 80s to mid to late 90s. The oldest cards were 1981 Topps and Fleer the latest I really haven't checked out but it is 1990something. Got the box for .25¢ +20.00 shipping. Oh the box had been busted on the side, I'm not sure if any of the cards slipped out but they could have. The post office had it in one of those plastic bins so I don't know when the box got ripped, anyway there was a card in there that the seller probably had no idea get mixed up in the box it was a Hockey card 1987-88 Topps Hockey 170 Joe Cirella Devils

    From the same dealer I got Six Roy Face Pirates cards for $1.25 + $2.00 shipping included in the top of the box. All are Topps
    1959 #339
    1961 #250 Buck Hill Aces. #370
    1962 #210
    1966 #461
    1968 #198

    Ohh the envelope in my mailbox was a large package that was mostly the bubble wrap to keep the contents safe From Ebay I got for $10.00 plus FREE Shipping 22 gumball baseball batting helmets circa 1993 (since the Miami then Florida Marlins and Colorado Rockies are represented). I have some of these I just need to check which teams I have I might now have all 28 of the teams now I need to double check what I have.