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    One of the specialties I collect is Mascot cards. I don't know I just love those fuzzy things. This thread I will concentrate on my Mascot cards. On my blog CaptKirk42s Trading Cards Blog I have a feature called Mascot Mondays where I feature a mascot and then try to give some background on the character and show off the card. In my Mail Bag thread the first entry was about a set of Mascots.

    Here is my most recently acquired Mascot card:

    2009 Topps Allen & Ginter's Autograph Card - AGA-BM Billy The Marlin Marlins Mascot

    I got it from Ebay for $19.99 + $3.99 Twenty bucks is close to the top of what I am willing to pay for almost any card, auto cards I go a little higher depending on who/series/set.
  2. pwolantern

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    Nice pick up Kirk
  3. Mike

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    Definitely a unique PC, Kirk. Looking forward to seeing more.
  4. captkirk42

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    Until I saw it listed I didn't even know A&G had gotten Mascots to sign stuff. I wonder if they got Screech to sign?
  5. Cool_Hand_Flash

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    Wonder who actually signed the card?.. and with the outfit on?.. or gloves off?.. this is the first auto where the persons identity may actually change. Name, height, sex, everything could theoretically be a 100% different person before the product gets released.. trippy o_O

    But its a great looking card :D
  6. I really want one of those Nebraska Lil Red mascot cards put out by Upper Deck a few years ago. But as luck would have it it's a short print in that mascot set and costs way more than I'd ever pay for a mascot card.
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    Here is pretty mascot card that I recently picked up


    I live very close to Western Kentucky and Big Red is kind of a rockstsr around town. The is a mascot patch? It is munfactured for the card but it embroidered so that he pops off the card.
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    Yeah its a "Manupatch" for some reason Upper Deck decided to make a whole frackin set of manupatch only mascots for their 2012 College Football set. They didn't make a set of regular cards of these. :( They call them "patch cards". That is the only series of Mascots I refuse to collect. I like the pictures but I don't like manupatches, unless it is a replica of a real patch even then I don't like them on cards. Probably due to my dislike of the GU concept, which I am only just now lukewarming to a smidge.