busted a case of 2014 Panini Country Music


since ive been doing well this year...and seeing that it dropped to $5 per hit I figured id grab a case, this after less than a month after busting 10 boxes (half a case) because they were cheap...

anyway, Dave & Adams does free packs with qualifying purchase...so on the 10 box I got 24 retail packs of 2012 Heroes & Legends, hit 2 relics, and an Alex Morgan insert (serial numbered base parallels/autos/USWNT relics, or really any of the base soccer relics WERE NOT ISSUED in retail)...so I did pretty good...

well for the case, I got 3 Road to WrestleMania rack packs...I did way better...autos are 1:89, got a Bayley /99

anyway, here are the results of my case, 20 boxes, 4 packs per, 1 hit per pack...not listed, Jennifer Nettles (Sugarland) auto /99, relic of /399 cause my buddy is getting them...

Alaina, Lauren Silhouttes Relic Auto /349
Atkins, Rodney Silver Relic 7 Color /399
Carpenter, Bob Blue Auto /299
Clark, Terri Bronze Auto /317
Clark, Terri Bronze Relic 1 Color /399
Diffie, Joe - Lawrence Tracy Bronze Dual Relic /99
Eli, Mike Gold Relic 2 Color /99
Eli, Mike Silhouttes Relic Auto /10
Evans, Sara Bronze Relic 1 Color /399
Evans, Sara Gold Auto /25
Evans, Sara Silhouttes Relic Auto /199
Fadden, Jimmy Red Auto /199
Ford, Colt Bronze Auto /265
Ford, Colt Silver Relic 1 Color /149
Gossin, Mike Red Auto /149
Gossin, Tom Blue Auto /199
Gracin, Josh Bronze Relic 1 Color /499
Green, Pat Blue Auto /149
Hanna, Jeff Silver Auto /99
Harmon, Kelsey Silhouttes Relic Auto /399
Harmon, Kelsey Silhouttes Relic Auto /399
Harmon, Kelsey Silver Relic 1 Color /399
Hubbard, Tyler Red Auto /99
Johnston, Jaren Red Auto /149
Jones, Jon Bronze Auto /394
Jones, Jon Gold Relic 1 Color /199
Kelley, Brian Bronze Auto /399
Kelley, Brian Silhouttes Relic Auto /199
Kelley, Brian Silver Relic 1 Color /399
King, Brian Silver Auto /99
Lawrence, Tracy Silhouttes Relic Auto /349
Lawrence, Tracy Silver Relic 1 Color /399
Lynch, Dustin Red Auto /99
Mason, Neil Gold Relic 3 Color /199
McCoy, Neal Blue Auto /99
McCoy, Neal Bronze Auto /359
McCoy, Neal Bronze Relic 1 Color /249
McCoy, Neal Silhouttes Relic Auto /333
McCreery, Scotty Gold Relic 1 Color /25
McEuen John Bronze Auto /494
McSwain, Josh Gold Relic 1 Color /99
Milsap, Ronnie Bronze Auto /367
Milsap, Ronnie Gold Relic 1 Color /99
Milsap, Ronnie Silhouttes Relic Auto /344
Nail, David Bronze Relic 1 Color /499
Nail, David Red Auto /99
Nettles, Jennifer Bronze Relic 1 Color /499
Nettles, Jennifer Red Auto /99
Nichols, Joe Blue Auto /199
Nichols, Joe Blue Auto /199
Nichols, Joe Silhouttes Relic Auto /199
Pardi, Jon Gold Relic 1 Color /199
Perry, Neil Bronze Auto /499
Perry, Reid Blue Auto /299
Perry, Reid Bronze Auto /499
Perry, Reid Bronze Relic 2 Color /399
Ray, Kelby Blue Auto /199
Ray, Kelby Silver Relic 4 Color /399
Reinart Rachel Bronze Auto /335
Rice, Chase Bronze Relic 1 Color /399
Rimes, LeAnn Bronze Auto /453
Rucker, Darius Bronze Relic 1 Color /220
Spears, Jamie Lynn Blue Auto /199
Spears, Jamie Lynn Bronze Relic 1 Color /175
Spears, Jamie Lynn Holofoil Relic 2 Color /25
Spears, Jamie Lynn Red Auto /99
Thomas, Matt Bronze Relic 1 Color /399
Thomas, Scott Blue Auto /199
Thomas, Scott Blue Auto /199
Thomas, Scott Gold Relic 1 Color /99
Thompson, Chris Silver Relic 1 Color /399
Thompson, Josh Bronze Auto /338
Thompson, Josh Gold Relic 1 Color /193
Thompson, Josh Red Auto /99
Wilson, Gretchen Bronze Auto /494
Wynonna Bronze Auto /499
Young, Chris Gold Relic 3 Color /97
Young, James Bronze Auto /324


sold off a ton of junk...getting ready to send a ton into comc, really cutting back on the buys...so getting more manageable collection in terms of size and only going to keep cards that should sell for $5+ or so around since eBay has severely cut back on free listings...so I sold off like 1500 autos/relics on blowout, probably get 800-1000 off to comc this week...and lets just say, ive had my best 'cash profit' year in quite a few years and I think im still averaging over $1 profit per card sold...hence, I figured id do a case of country music