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    I've got a few Bruins GU cards (not as many as originally thought, they were mixed with some base and inserts) and I'm a Capitals Only (with Pre-1980 vintage) Hockey Collector. I'm not much into GU but I do like autos. I will post a full list of which Bruins I have a bit later. I'll trade Bruins for Caps Autos or inserts, even some Caps bass. Vintage I'll have to check my needs.

    See post #2 for Bruins currently available.
  2. captkirk42

    captkirk42Old School Vintage Staff Member

    OK I didn't have as many Bruins GU as I thought they were mostly weird inserts and Rookie cards. At this time I only have one GU and one Auto I'd like to trade for Caps Autos or inserts.

    2006-07 Upper Deck Sweet Shot Hockey Sweet Beginnings Rookie Jersey (All Black) GU 105 Yan Stastny 141/499


    2006-07 Parkhurst Hockey 80 Cam Neely Auto On-Card Blue Sharpie - GONE SOLD
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    check my bucket thanks rob
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    I have tons of rookies-incerts-stars maybe some vintage of wash-balt football/baseball cards let me know ok thanks rob
  5. Might can use your Neely. Hit me up with a price.
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    Good to see you back around, man. Hope all has been well.
  7. Thanks, I hope to be on more often. My workplace has put in some strict regulations the past 2 days as far as what we can do around here.