Football Boxbreakers Select FB 12 Box Casebreakers Group Break - COMPLETE

Just received notice that the case should arrive Wednesday so if all goes well we can break tomorrow night at 8:30pm(ct).
I'll go Panthers.

List on page 2 is updated and Sportscloset12 is back on the clock.
Yzerisdaman goes Jags. Titans available for $30 if anyone interested. If not we’ll randomize any hits.

Shooting to break at 8:30pm(ct) tomorrow as long as the case arrives.
Case arrived! Break is on for 8:30pm(ct) and I will post a link in this thread shortly before. Good luck all!
Stream is on Youtube.

Not showing anyone on so chat in or add a post to this thread to let me know if you have audio/video.
Here's the recap of just the hits;

We hit two XRC cards for RB5 and QB3 so I will hold those until the draft and send them out to the appropriate team owners. We also pulled two reward points cards and those were randomized amongst the hitless full price slots. They were awarded to;

600 Points - DenverSJB
400 Points - FrankieFBCards