Football Boxbreakers Hobby FB Group Break - October - COMPLETE

I'll take the Vikings. Sorry for the delay everyone. I donated triple platelets today and it kind of wiped me out.
Wow, that would do it! I'll take the Chargers.
Gottabe takes the Raiders and Rabs is up.
Cardsick45 takes Giants. Updated list;

On the clock: Sportscloset12
On deck: Crpalmi

Draft Order:
1. Dvashun - Vikings
2. Crpalmi - Chargers
3. Sportscloset12 - Dolphins
4. Gottabe - Raiders
5. Rabs - Falcons
6. Cardsick45 - Giants
7. Dvashun - Jets
8. Sportscloset12 - Bills
9. Crpalmi - Cardinals
10. Dvashun - Ravens

Available Teams;
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List updated. Sportscloset12 is on the clock.
I took the Cardinals so Ravens are all yours Dvashun! Maybe a nice Ray Lewis out of Immaculate??

With that the draft is complete and we are on for our break at 9pm(ct) tonight. I'll post the link to the live stream on this thread shortly before. Good luck all!
Ok guys, Deantap made it just in time so he retains the Titans. We break in about 7 minutes!
Break is on. Here is the link so add a quick chat if you can hear and see me;

LIVE NOW at come and check it out!