Football Boxbreakers Hobby FB Group Break - January - COMPLETE

Deantap drops Bucs
Boxes should arrive tonight but waiting to hear from Schickfaced. The we need to hold a quick draft so more likely we break tomorrow. Still have draft slots available if anyone is interested?
Hate to do it but I have to give the Packers to Pavi39 who has been on the waitlist for the Packers as Schickfaced has not responded to emails. Sorry about that Dave but welcome to the group Pavi39!

I don't know if we can draft this fast but if possible I'd like to break tonight around 9pm(ct). I'll get the draft list up now.
Draft order is up and we can begin right away with hopes of finishing by tonight.

On the clock: Sportscloset12
On Deck: Crpalmi

Draft Order:
1. Sportscloset12 - Rams
2. Cardsick45 - Falcons
3. Crpalmi - Buccaneers
4. Rareluck Seahawks
5. Yzerisdaman - Vikings
6. Sportscloset12 - Dolphins
7. Crpalmi - Raiders

Available Teams:
Jacksonville Jaguars -
San Diego Chargers -
Tennessee Titans -
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List updated and Rareluck is on the clock.

By the way if anyone is interested in picking up any of the remaining teams after the draft is over at the $10 slot price just let me know prior to the break.
List updated and Sportscloset12 is back on the clock.