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  1. Hello all! We're back with another month of our Hobby #2 group break! If you haven't heard of our group breaks before, we are group breaks and we specialize in Football breaks. You can find over 1600 break videos on Youtube under our user name Crpalmi and we have been running group breaks for almost 6 years now. Our cornerstone is our monthly Hobby and High End breaks and recently we decided to introduce a 2nd of each of these two groups to try to get more folks involved. If you have interest in joining us just check out website or reply here in this thread and we'll go from there. All boxes will be on Youtube with links and results posted here. Take a look at the product list, available teams, and details both below and on the website and just let me know if interested!

    Just a note about the draft slots, I budgeted for one less slot than we need so after the list is randomized and we run through the draft, the person with the last slot in the draft will be awarded the last remaining TWO teams. This will hopefully eliminate the downside of getting stuck with the worst team in the draft. These picks are offered on a first come first serve basis to members of the group. You can buy one draft slot per owned team but if you would like more just let me know and I'll add you to the list if slots are available at the end. If we fail to sell all the slots needed to participants of the group I will have to offer them to folks outside of the break, but this is as a last resort only.

    Cost: $50 ($47 for each additional) Extra Draft Slot: $22
    Payment Due Date: Aug 17th
    Break Date: Aug 24th at 8:30pm(ct)

    Product List: (Based on 21 teams filled);
    2012 Elite
    2012 Bowman Signatures
    2012 Inception
    2011 Finest
    2011 Gold Standard
    2010 Plates & Patches
    2010 Topps Chrome
    2010 Triple Threads


    49ers - KPit1978 -------------------- PAID
    Bears - BajMurray ----------- (Owe $20)
    Bengals - Takeobeavis
    Bills - Dvashun --------------- PAID
    Broncos - Yzerisdaman -------------- PAID
    Browns - Crpalmi -------------------- PAID
    Buccaneers - Yankees0301
    Cardinals - GRG5050
    Chargers - Crpalmi
    Chiefs - 19th Century Indy
    Colts - Yzerisdaman --------------- PAID
    Cowboys - Redman
    Dolphins- KPit1978 ---------------- PAID
    Eagles - Crpalmi
    Falcons - Crpalmi
    Giants - Tcwilco ------------------ PAID
    Jaguars - Yankees0301
    Jets - Franklinguy52 ------ PAID
    Lions - Jiggidy ------------------- PAID
    Packers - KPit1978 --------------- PAID
    Panthers - Yankees0301 -------- PAID
    Patriots - Cardsick45 ------------ PAID
    Raiders - Cardman123 ---- (Owe $20)
    Rams - KPit1978 ----------------- PAID
    Ravens - Yzerisdaman
    Redskins - Yankees0301 ---------- PAID
    Saints - Yzerisdaman
    Seahawks - 19th Century Indy
    Steelers - FrankieFBCards --------- PAID
    Texans - Dvashun74 ------ PAID
    Titans - Rareluck ----------------- PAID
    Vikings - Thump54 --------------- PAID

    Draft Slots for Unclaimed Teams (should have 10);
    Yankees0301 ---- PD
    Yankees0301 ---- PD
    Yzerisdaman ----- PD
    Yzerisdaman ----- PD
    Crpalmi --------- PD
    Crpalmi --------- PD
    Crpalmi --------- PD
  2. Cool_Hand_Flash

    Cool_Hand_FlashI might be crazy.. Proof: I'm the co-owner.

    Just doing my usual "looking for the Colts" bit :P
  3. Indiana Jones

    Indiana JonesModerator Punching Bag

    Chiefs please!
  4. In with my teams.
  5. Confirmed!
  6. Some unbelievable teams available in this one and we need to fill 4 more team slots along with some more draft slots to get us to budget. C'mon folks...who wants to join us!
  7. C'mon guys...who wants the Eagles, Falcons, Jags, Saints, etc, etc.. Some incredible teams still sitting available as well as draft slots! Need to fill 3 more teams to meet our budget so lets add some folks!
  8. Indiana Jones

    Indiana JonesModerator Punching Bag

    Add Seahawks. Thanx.
  9. Thanks Rob, you got it!
  10. Still 3 claimed teams and 5 draft slots short of budget folks. Draft slots at $22 are open to ANYBODY whether you are in the break or not. Draft needs to start by Wednesday night though so times short! If we end up where we are now we'll have to cut out $240 in products which kinda hurts. So who's in??
  11. Ok guys, we added a couple more draft picks in myself and GRG5050 so we can get by with cutting out just one box so 2011 Contenders is off the list and we are right at budget. Sorry about having to do that but we've never had this few participate so we have no choice. Our draft will start most likely tonight or tomorrow so I will email participants and get ready for the break this weekend (exact schedule to be announced).
  12. Hey Chris,

    I'm going to have to give up the Lions after this month. The wife lost her job last month. I've been trying to make it work but I have to cut down on the card budget. Thanks again for allowing me to join. Good luck to everyone in this break.
  13. Sorry to hear that but I definitely understand the priorities. Best of luck to you and hopefully we can send you off with something nice from this weekends break!
  14. Correction made to my earlier post as we just had to drop the one box of Contenders. Draft will start shortly.
  15. Hey Chris, I'd like to grab the Lions starting next month please.