Football Boxbreakers 2018 National Treasures 4 Box Case Casebreakers Group Break - COMPLETE

Wow, this one hurt but the case has been ordered. Just kept going up in price every time I looked. Break will hopefully be Saturday evening.
Draft lIst has been randomized and we can start immediately. Good luck all!

On the clock:
On deck:

Draft Order;
1. Sportscloset12 - Redskins
2. Rareluck - Bucs
3. FrankieFBCard - Jaguars
4. Sportscloset12 - Titans
5. NYMetsJets - Bengals

Available Teams:
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List updated and notice sent to Frank.
Frankie goes Jags. Sportscloset12 is back on the clock.
That leaves Bengals for NY and we are done!
Going to try to break tonight if the case arrives. I’ll shoot for 8pm(ct) but will keep you posted.