Football Boxbreakers 2017 Elite FB Case Group Break - COMPLETE

I received confirmation that the case should arrive tomorrow so we'll have to start the draft tonight. Pats will be offered to Dvashun first since he's on the waitlist but if he passes and anyone else is interested in them let me know and we can do a random. I'll try to post the draft by 7pm(Ct) and if the case does arrive tomorrow I'll update with a break time.
Sorry for the delay guys but we are set for the draft. Po10sho stays in with the Lions and Dvashun takes over the Patriots so we are good to go. The list has been randomized and we can begin right away.

On the clock: Sportscloset12

Draft Order:
1. Sportscloset12 - Vikings
2. Gottabe - Titans
3. Cardsick45 - Raiders
4. Dvashun - Jets
5. Dvashun - Rams
6. Rabs - Bills
7. Sportscloset12 - Dolphins

Available Teams;
Arizona Cardinals -
Atlanta Falcons -
Baltimore Ravens -
Seattle Seahawks -
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Gottabe goes Titans and Cardsick goes Raiders. List is updated and Dvashun is up for 2 picks.
Undrafted teams that bare hits will be randomed to the teams that don't get hits. I believe that is how we have done it in the past.
That's correct. First we'll random any hits to those full paid slots that didn't get hits (sorry drafted teams don't apply) and if they all get hits we then include all the full price slots in any remaining randoms.

List above is updated and Rabs is up.
Case arrived but I have my sons soccer tonight so it will have to be a late break at 9:30pm(Ct). I'll add the live stream link in the thread shortly before. This is assuming we can get our last 2 draft picks in.
Sorry I had missed that Rabs sent me a proxy so he takes the Bills and Sportscloset12 is back up for the final pick of the draft.
Just got back and setting up. Just need a few minutes.
If anyone is with me, see if this link works. Enter in the thread if you can see and hear me as I won't be able to see chats;